This month is a special month.
Thank God for His love ,for His grace and kindness and for the amazing ministry of the spirit that we’ve been receiving and are still receiving.
The Holy Spirit is there to guide,lead,show is all that the father has planned for us and it’s the passion of the HOLY SPIRIT to bring us into it. It’s His work,it’s His ministry.

When a media person don’t know their left and right, they’ll keep being deceived and they will give out wrong information.

Most of the people who died, died because they were not treated.

We can’t loose. The direction we’re going to is right.

Truth is not just facts. But truth is that which is consistent with God’s word. We don’t have to be scared about what’s happening. Lies were used in causing fear.

What’s happening in the world is the conflicts of interest. What others do is being weak in standing for the truth.

It’s impossible for us to fail, for our cause is true ,it’s a just cause.

The prophetic words declare by Jesus Christ are so important.

Mathew 24:15-16

Daniel 9:24-25

He prophesied the exact time that Jesus will come. The Messiah was to be cut off not for himself but for others.

2 thessolonians 2:1-3

Whatever we’re witnessing right now ,it’s called the spirit of the Antichrist and this is to limit and short circuit the works of the church.

They’re some people who loves to be deceived,but don’t allow yourself to be deceived.

The coming of the Lord will not happen until the manifestation,or the unveiling of the man of sin,that’s the Antichrist. He hates worship.

We’re not witnessing the works of the Antichrist right now, nooooooo he’ll be made manifest after the rapture of the church. He’ll not just be known as the Antichrist, he’ll stand as a man of peace at the beginning of the 7 years and at the middle that’s the 2nd half of the 7 year period that’s the Antichrist will be revealed. That’s why all that’s happening now they’re trying to force themselves into or trying to act before their time. It’s only for 3 and half years in the middle of the 7 years treaty where he’ll have power,even over the saints. The greats tribulation runs for only 3½years.

The authority that Christ gave is is effective all this time that’s why when we pray we’re assured for answers. Right now no one has the last word except the church. Except the saints. That’s why we can pray and insists on prayer that’s only the will of God prevails in the earth. So praying in the will of the father is important. Because nothing gets done untill you pray. You can’t enforce your will into the earth nooooooo. Only the church of Christ will enforce God’s will in this time for the salvation of many. The HOLY SPIRIT is leading and showing us how live in these times. He told us fear not. So we must worship God.

Even the Antichrist loves worship, he’ll force people to worship him and and not worship God. That’s what they’re trying to do today,they can’t force us or give us how long we should worship God.

Prayer cuts through anything,it brought down the Roman empire, glorrryyyy glorrryyyy glorrryyyy glorrryyyy glorrryyyy Amennnn

Daniel 10:20
Prayer brought down Persia. This were kingdoms that thought they’ll live for ever. No matter what the deep states have done,they will be destroyed. God wants decent government. And God wants us to pray so they remove their hands of the governments of the world.

I’m not afraid at all.

1 Samuel 30:1-4
What we’re seeing is called the state capture. People force governments. They use a lot of riches to compel and force nation’s to do what they want.

Today’s state capture is you working in your country, you labour in your country and the money sent to them meanwhile while I’m the old, they’ll capture the strong men and take them to their countries to labour them.

1 Samuel 30:5-

I’m encouraged in the Lord. I’m not move by the happenings around.


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