The month of October is the month of Proclamation!

A proclamation is an affirmation made public.
Heb 13:5-6

This means, that this month, make affirmations. What has God said about your health, about your future. Our very salvation is based on affirmation.
Our whole Christian life is based on affirmation.

You are making your affirmation before God, heaven and whoever is listening. Have the consciousness that others listening to you. That’s why it’s not just affirmation but proclamation!

Everything should hear you just like the Father said everything should hear Jesus and they did, rocks, tree, waves, dead, bread, water. They all heard Him and everything you say will hear you!
Every fibre of your being will hear you. You are affirming what God has aid concerning you. What out these proclamation, you are sunk. He has said, so that you may boldly say!

It’s all hearing you. Joshua asked time to stop and it heard him and stopped until Joshua won. You can’t lose. Everything was created to hear you. The moment you were born again, you were brought into the messianic community. That’s huge.

Go ahead and thank the Lord and begin right away to proclaim those great things that God has said concerning you.

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