Napoleon once said “one bad general does better than two good ones.” It takes a moment for the sense of this to register, but it is the same as our modern saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Having one set of instructions, even if they are flawed, is preferable to having two sets of perfect direction that, when enacted together without reference to each other, cause havoc.

This is principle of leadership in a nutshell. It is all about maintaining focus and creating positive outcomes.

Leadership can be learned. Some people are certainly born with leadership skills, but this is not a prerequisite for becoming a leader. More important is the dedication to the art of leadership. Leadership involves understanding how to inspire, influence and control how people behave: it is not a simple matter of shouting, or having a deep and booming voice, or being great in physical structure; Gadha possessed none of these attributes but managed to lead a nation and inspired millions all around the world.

Credit: Humphrey Chiude (Consummate)


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