Isaiah 55:12.This song means you shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace,the mountain and the hills shall bow before you,the mountain and the hills, these ‘re power and authorities,they shall break forth before you because you ‘re coming through,the trees refer to the people of the world because you ‘re coming forth with power and victory. All the world is listening to are messages every day but Jesus brought us a message that works,a message that changes a man’s life, that brings glory to a man’s life. It’s a message that truly works. When a blind hears it,it gives him sight,when a lame man hears it, it’s gives him legs,the deaf hears it and begins to hear. When you dare to believe it,when you refuse to take an option for answer, you would see that it truly works.

The message works. Don’t take an option as an answer. Dare to believe it. His word doesn’t fail. How does the word of God work?Many don’t understand how the word of God works. According to the bible,God has finished all the works,there’s nothing for him to do anymore. He’s done all his works. When you pray to God, it’s done everything already,he is not doing anything now, he’s not working, the only thing he does is he talks to you through the Holy Spirit. This surprises many people and it’s because they don’t understand the scriptures. So,what do you do? You find his words,God’s word is spiritually tangible,If you don’t find it,t hat’s where the problem is but if you find it,good for you. That’s why the bible says,my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. It’s not general knowledge. Jesus taught, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Free of limitations and entanglement,free of satanic influence. If you know the truth, you apply it. If you don’t apply it,you don’t know. It’s when you act on it,that’s what manifest the power and the glory of God. The beautiful thing is, it’s available to anyone and everyone who dares to believe.

I’m ministering truth to you now,something that you need in 2020 that will cause a metamorphosis,a change of state and character in your life. That’s the way God accomplishes his purpose in us,through the word. You can actually take the word,meditate on it and you by yourself you determine the way you want to go. It’s the society around you that interprets life to put people in bondage and in darkness. When we say perfection,it shakes people up,in the same way,you look at the world today,there ‘re lot more poor people than rich people. The rich even have to live in certain places that others can come close. Hear me,There ‘re no middle-class,it’s a political language that’s used as a pacifier for some particular people. Don’t believe that junk. According to God’s plan,this world is set to have more rich people than poor people. This is the reality. God planned that the fewness we have in the rich in the world,that’s how it should be for the poor,they should be very few,that’s how God designed the world. Imagine you knew this truth,your struggling will seize. The deception in the world is money. It’s the distraction in the world. Money deceives and distracts you. When God made the world, there was no money. Money wasn’t always there. The day you discover what I am telling you,you would control and rule over money. There’s no store that the bank is holding your money for you often keep it. Money doesn’t exist,it exists in the mind of the poor. Don’t allow how much of it you have determine your life. If you can build your heart and your mind,you build the quality of your person,it will control how much of it responds to you. It’s a response. I don’t carry money because I see money as anything else in the world. Like I see furniture,chairs…The bible says money answereth all things…Take your mind beyond money to God’s plan and purpose. God’s plan had got nothing to do with your environment,job or anything. When God blesses you,you ‘re blessed. How does the world respond to you?The power over nature that Adam had,you ‘re more than Adam now,so they should respond to you.

On the 31st night, we had a blast, I told you it’s our year of Perfection. There’s a way you should understand it,and if you understand it,you would live it. Understand from God’s perspective what he’s talking about. Make up your mind to live a life of continuous progress,ever moving forward and it’s in the bible. God gave us his word to direct and to lead us. The word of God is light and truth. If there’s anything in your life that you don’t like,through the word,you can alter the direction of your life. This is the amazing, miraculous power of God’s word. God said about Noah that he was a perfect man. God said to Abraham,walk before me and be perfect. It’s God’s standard. Jesus said be ye therefore perfect even as your heavenly father is perfect. When you study the use of the term in Hebrew …Terniene meaning to be flawless,without defects. Once you believe you can,you can. Perfection is relative. God’s perfection is absolute,yours is relative to God because he becomes the reference to begin with. Otherwise perfection can not be determined. God gave us a life that starts as a baby. There ‘re things that men can do that babies cannot do,so perfection is relative. A perfect baby may not be giving instructions and leading others for what they are to do. Perfection at age 12 is different from perfection at 30 years of age. It’s relative,not only to age,but to experiences and life challenges. How God want to guide and lead us ,to help us achieve his dream.

In the scriptures,you have certain kings… 2Chronicles 25:1. Notice,his conduct was right,but not with a perfect heart. 1Kings 15:14.Here his conduct wasn’t completely right but his heart was perfect with the Lord. The word used here for Perfect is different from Termine. This one is Shalem, it refers to not necessarily his conduct,that’s he’s detached from his conduct. A perfect heart doing imperfec things, that’s not the Perfect he called for Abraham to walk in. If your heart is right with God,he wants you to live from your heart. When you ‘re born again,he gave you a perfect heart. You were born with the same nature of Jesus Christ when you were born again. Once you ‘re born again,your life is changed,you now have the nature of God in your spirit. When you ‘re born again,it’s got nothing to do with your feelings. The bible doesn’t refer you to your feelings when you’re born again,it now refers you to the bible,it refers You to truth.

2Corinthians 5:17. If any man be in Christ, HE IS A NEW CREATURE!Not he shall be ,or he was. That means he is now a creature. This is the mind of God. He’s telling you ,you were actually recreated when you were born again,a new species, a changed man,a new kind of man. You aren’t going to feel it, so he has to tell you,then you say,I am a new creature. Another thing is old things are passed away,he said SEE it ,all things have become new All things in your life have become new. The old struggles, night mares are passed away. All these new things in your life ‘re of God. The devil has no power in your dreams anymore. Now that you ‘re born again,if you eat anything in your dreams,thank God. In the bible,several people that ate in the dreams. And as you believe that there’s something there when you eat in your dreams, Satan would begin to interpret it for you. If you eat in the dream,it’s a blessing. Joseph interpreted the dream of the fat cows and thin cows. Truth is Important.

Job 11:7..Perfect here is Takleit… meaning the farthest extent to the optimal,that’s consummate. It’s akin to Micklow which is derived from Aramaic ,the language Jesus used in his days. Psalms 50:2. Lamentations 2:15. When you ‘re born again,you have come to mount Zion. We have arrived there. In the new testament, Teleotis is used which is derived from Teleos which is perfect.

1Corinthians 2:16 Teleos.. is used for a synonym which is matured, full grown, full, complete, perfect.

2 Corinthians 5:17 is a word of wisdom, a message of wisdom but the world doesn’t see that. There’s so much power in that new nature we’ve been given. If you understand, your view of life, your perspective of life all of that changes.

There’s a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Your high IQ is smart but wisdom isn’t in the brain. Wisdom gives you divine interpretation, it gives you insight into divine reality.

Jesus is wisdom personified. Wisdom multiplied bread and fish, this is what God brings you into, it brings you into divine alignment.

Perfection is walking in sync with God. It’s having the Understanding of God not of men.

At a certain time in Israel,the word of God became scarce because there was no vision. The child Samuel discovered something and brought back the voice of the Lord back to Israel.He ministered to the Lord.No one was ministering to the Lord until Samuel ministered to the Lord.God began to speak again to Israel and changes came to Israel and perfection came to the land.What’s happening in your life,family,do you realise that when you minister to the Lord,you would be amazed how quickly you would hear his voice and his beauty would shine forth.Learn that private ministry to the Lord.Sing unto him. In all things,we would multiply and increase.You ‘re in an hallowed presence of the Spirit.You ‘ve been in this ambience of the Spirit.From this time forth,a new chapter is opened and in this chapter,it’s victory and victory,glory to glory,greatness,this chapter of your life is health and soundness.


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