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Remember Lot’s Wife – Pastor Chris Tells Delegates

After the glorious opening ceremony at this year’s IPPC, Pastor Chris spent over three hours ministering deep secrets and insights into the wonderful word of God.

One area Pastor Chris spent time educating the leaders in the ministry was in the area of total devotion and worship of the Lord.

He reminded the delegates that serving God has responsibilities. He admonished them to serve the Lord with whole hearted devotion and to always please Him. “Let the Lord be the center of everything you do. Seek to please Him, not yourself. Make that personal decision how you want to serve God”. 

Referencing the words of Jesus Christ, he told the delegates to remember Lot’s wife. “Don’t look back on this journey. Don’t compare yourself to your non-ministry friends. The ministry didn’t cost you nothing. It gave you everything. Don’t think of the earthly things you would have acquired. Remember Lots wife. She could not be saved even when God sent angels to save them”.

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