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2 Chronicles 14:7-13.

1.3million chariots came against King Asa. He was completely outnumbered. 

V11: God is greater than all the power of men.

We know what at different times in history happened to the church; when the church slept and the enemy snuck in. 

But at any time the church was alert and prayerful, no enemy could succeed. Not once.

We cannot lose the liberty to preach the gospel, to gather in our number as saints. It took a lot for our predecessors to achieve this liberty for us. So, NO, we will not lose it. 

We will use everything that we have and that we know to prosecute this matter. We will give no place to the devil. 

Instead, we will come out of this with greater liberty, ability and influence.



God revealed the power of the blood to Adam In Genesis. 

Abel in Gen 4, understood that God would accept a blood sacrifice. God had respect unto Abel’s offering. 

Noah: unclean animals came in 2 by 2. Clean animals went in sevens… Why? Because of sacrifice. 

When God gave Abraham the promise (Gen 12), He understood that the promises of God would not be fulfilled without the shedding of blood. 

Before God created angels, or the world, He had already spoken the crucifixion of his son. This was even before TIME. God is eternity. 

When God saw the blood of Animals shed, he saw the blood of his son (even though he knew the blood of Animals could not atone for sin)

 From the old Covenant, Adam to Jacob, they understood this relationship. 

In Exodus 12: 1-13, 23, Moses was told to tell the people of Israel to shed blood for the passover.

The lintel is the cross point on the door. (Upper point and 2 side posts)

Jesus also fulfilled the passover on the cross.

Israel came out of Egypt as a result of the application of the blood. 

In Hebrews, we see that we entered into the holy place through the blood of Jesus. 

In Revelations, the saints overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.

Exodus 24:1-8; 25: . Moses built the first altar on the hill after they came out of Egypt. He sprinkled the blood on about 3 million people.

In chapter 25, God then instructed that a Tabernacle be built. Rather than Moses going up and down the mountain. After the sprinkling, he decided to dwell with the people.


2 Thess 2:3

The Rapture of the church, the second coming of Christ and the Day of Christ are 3 different things. 

V4-7 (NIV/Amp)

What is holding the Antichrist back is the church, so that He will be revealed In his own appointed time.

Some say it is the Holy spirit that is the restrainer. 

There are 3 restrainers of evil that the bible talks about.

1. Govt. 2. The holy spirit. 3. The church. 

Among these 3, which is being referred to in the scripture above.

Definitely not the government

The phenomenon of governments will not be removed from the earth even after the Antichrist is revealed.

2. Not the Holy spirit because… After the Antichrist is revealed, the holy ghost will still appoint 144 Jews , He will work through the 2 prophets, and then through the large number of people who will repent during the tribulation period. 

3. Only the church would have been raptured before the Antichrist is revealed.

There are 5 different raptures. 

1. Jesus and those who went with him to heaven 

2. They that are Christ’s at his coming (rapture we know)

2. Rapture or the 144 Jews

4. Rapture of the 2 witnesses who will rise from the dead and the whole world will watch them taken away

5. The great multitude of saints who were beheaded and persecuted who will join us just in time for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The mistake the devil made is getting us upset/angry. Now we are taking action as the RESTRAINERS OF EVIL. 

 1 John 2:18.

Now, there are already the ‘spirits of Antichrist’ in the world and the spirit of lawlessness. Satan is already carrying out evil works in the world. 

But Greater is He that is in Us than he that is in the world. 

No matter what policies they are crafting, only that which favors the righteous cause of the Lord will come to pass. 

We destroy those policies. We cut them off in Jesus name.

Every technological advancement that comes into play is subject to us. None will be used against us. The expectation of the wicked one is overturned in Jesus name

This is the day of the church, not of the Antichrist. We restrain him in Jesus name. 

Pst. Benny:

The doors of opportunities for the gospel will be amazing after this. We need to be prepared to use it. 

Doctors are now on their knees praying. This has created a new season for us to preach and demonstrate the gospel with so much power. We have to go all out for the Lord NOW. We must finish strong in the little time we have left. No distractions. Run the race with excitement, patience and Joy. 

We also need to pray for Pastor Chris.

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