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Its a very special time in Gods kingdom, and only through the spirit can we discern the times. We are in a special season both in God’s kingdom and in the world.

Things are shifting but not in the direction that Satan was planning.

I showed you a clip from February 2nd communion service, we will watch it again to help you get some important messages to help you understand what’s going on in the spirit.

Things are happening in the spirit and we are very much involved.


Remember when the year began, through the spirit, we declared a prayer chain (pray-a-thon 2020). We started first week in January in different groups all over the world . and we coordinated the exercise to have 15 min sessions of prayer each, throughout the day and night.

God never intervenes in this world without people.

When we started, we probably didn’t know the implications. But we prayed for ministers, and nations and Gods people because changes were about to take place in the spirit. In the earth, changes were brewing. But God always needs his children to effect his own work.

Daniel, having being in exile with other Israelites, through the writings if Jeremiah the prophet, he found out 70 years were determined for them to be in that captivity. He could see things weren’t changing, So he went into prayer and fasting so that things would fall in line with Gods timing.

Timing is important.

When Jesus came and carried out his ministry in Israel, he wept over Jerusalem and he said they didn’t know the TIME of their visitation. The Lord they were waiting for had come to them but they didn’t know.

Not many understand how the kingdom of God works. Life is not all about the things you want from God… Money, a house, a job. Life is far beyond that.

People are the same irrespective of their condition.

The poor and the rich are exactly the same unless there’s a transformation in their heart.


The difference in circumstance is that when he was poor, he didn’t have the resources to carry out the evil that was in his heart. Money is an amplifier of character. Whatever you would have been you will be.

God wants a change in your heart. Except there is a change in your heart, you will also carry out the evil things in your heart

That’s why God puts his kingdom and his love first in your heart. Then from your heart, it will flow out to others. If you don’t have it in your heart, you can’t give it to others.

We are rounding this phase of the fast. Tomorrow we begin a phase of praise and worship. Because, the wicked and evil spirit that was responsible for the evil work around the world…I can tell you WE HAVE BROUGHT HIM DOWN. WE HAVE DESTROYED HIS SEAT.

This thing was never about human beings. Human beings can be used. Whatever role anybody played, good or bad, they probably didn’t know.

Eph 6:10-12 we fight against wicked spirits in the heavenly realms.

This is what has been happening. It is US that do the wrestling. The Bible tells us what we have to confront.

2 Cor 10: 3-5

Though we live through our physical bodies, the warfare we are engaged in, is not physical.

In the book of Judges. Several kings made war with Israel, in the days of Jabin. The captain of his host had allied forces, but the Prophetess Deborah said to Barak, God says ‘I will pull Sisera and his armies into the valley and deliver him into your hands’.

And something amazing happened..

They invaded Israel…

The Bible tells us, the Kings fought… WHAT KINGS????

KJV Judges 5:19-

This fight was in the heavenlies, while the one on the ground was going on. The real fight in the heavenlies determined what happened on ground.

The ground became marshy, torrential rains came down from heaven, everyone died save for Sisera who escaped and a woman killed.

Life is spiritual… That’s why we needed to fast and pray.

Satan doesn’t really care about what is happening in the world.

Nothing satisfies him.

You can’t give him ANY CHANCE.

THE kingdom of God is like a man saw a treasure in a field, and Bought the whole field just for it. The treasure is the church. Jesus died for the that treasure. That Was the price he paid.

As the anointed cherub, Satan had some insight into Gods plans.. But he just didn’t know how it was going to come.

That treasure was going to share Gods name, his seat.. It identified so much with God that Satan wanted it.

Before Jesus came. His authoritative name was reserved. He didn’t know the name but he wanted it and didn’t know how it would come.

All these many years with Satan’s destructive activities. He’s been after ONE THING ONLY: THE CHURCH.

Don’t look at the church as an organization. Its more than that. It is the BODY OF CHRIST.

Jesus has been given a name that’s above EVERY NAME

Phil 2: 9-10,5-9

Jesus got the name through humility and obedience while Satan was trying to get that name through pride and arrogance.

God gave the name to Jesus, and Jesus gave the name to us.

He said ‘whatsoever you do in word and deed, do in the name of Jesus’.

He gave us the legal authority to use his name.

Satan hates the church and always tries to see how he can hurt the church.

No matter how you are in your city… Always think about the church/God’s church (the body of Christ). This is why we break bread. He said ‘you are all one bread’. He said ‘do this in remembrance of me’.

Then, the bible tells us he took the cup and said ‘This cup is the new testament in my blood’.

A new will/testament had come in.

And we live on the basis of that testament. Yet there are many Christians who don’t know about that testament.

By that testament, whatever we bind on earth. Is bound in heaven.

We are sent by God to enforce his will on the earth.

We represent him.

When we speak, our words are not empty. They are spirit and they are life.

That’s why when you are born again, the life that you have is not the human life that you had of your mother. Your life is supplanted. You are not ordinary. You have no business being afraid of some virus, sickness or disease or anything.


Life is spiritual.

Exodus 14:21

The children of Israel were to go through the red sea…God caused the waters to congeal on both sides while the Egyptians watched.

The Egyptians probably thought they were easy prey since the sea had divided. BUT… the lord Got involved in the fight (v24-28). He troubled the host of the Egyptians and took off their chariot wheels… (They got stuck. The horses had a hard time pulling the chariots. They also couldn’t run away because they were smack in the middle of the red sea). .

God spoke to Moses to stretch his hand… God always needs us. Because it is TEAM WORK.


There are times when the war that is brought to you is too much for you and you have to call the heavenly host.

Exodus 14:13-14.

Something is happening in the world. There is a CHANGE but not like Satan envisaged.

Daniel 10: 1-15, 20- 11:1

The angel that had Daniel’s answer was withstood for 21days by the Prince of Persia. The Kings of Persia in this scripture were spirit beings. In the earth realm, there was a kingdom of Persia. But in the spirit realm, the Prince of Persia and his beings controlled what was happening on the earthly Persia.

Even after the angel delivered the message, he had to go back to fight because another Grecian kingdom was coming.

(There was a transformation from Persia to Greece which happened in the spirit realm first).

This same Angel Gabriel continues in chapter 11. He confirmed and Strengthened the Human King, Darius the mede (he wasn’t a Jew).

Remember King Darius made decisions that Favored Israel.

We have powerful Angels in the heavenly realms who are working on our behalf.

In their minds, they had said ‘No more church gatherings’. They imagined a vain thing.

What??? That we will not gather? When God inhabits/lives in the gathering of his people? Yes we can meet online, but it is not the same.

Who is he that speaketh when the Lord commandeth it not?

You will yet see the gathering of Gods people. All over the world you will see them!!!! By the power of God’s spirit, you will see them.


From day 1, I knew that was their dream, that’s why I said ‘let’s pray’. Satan can’t win.

The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but Mighty through God… Pulling down imaginations and strongholds.

That’s why we pray!!!

Jesus told us WATCH AND PRAY!!!

Already, there are several cities that have opened and have asked Churches and Religious groups to reopen and have their meetings.

We will pray for all churches that are meeting in whatever cities that they are. Whatever the devil proposes to do is turned upside down. The church is not a place of sickness. No evil that is planned will prosper. As you meet, God will bless. And if any one sick comes in, they will be well because they came. All over the world. Amen ????????????

The best thing in any government is to leave the church alone. Wise leaders understand that. But when you trouble the church….

If you collide on this stone, you will be broken but whoever the stone falls upon, it will grind u to powder. Just leave the church alone.

There are those who through history planned for the complete extermination of the church. It never happened and will never happen. It is not possible to defeat the church.

When we pray, God hears. .that’s why we are always very peaceful. .because when you have power, you will be peaceful. The one in us is greater than he that’s in the world.

He told us ‘I will build my church and the gates of hell can never prevail’.

If you belong in the church of Christ, there are not enough demons to destroy you.

Flesh and blood are not your enemy. Your adversary is the devil.

Jesus said ‘in my name, you shall cast out demons’.

We have broken the power and influence over the nations of the world. We have cut him off.

Everyday, we pray ‘In the name of Jesus, Satan we cut you off the nations, the governments, our streets’… And God said CONTINUE….MOUNT THE PRESSURE.

You can only understand these things if you are spiritual.

1 Cor 2: 11-14.

The wisdom of God is speaking and working through us. And all Satan’s intrigues have failed.

Psalm 53: 1-5

V5… Powerful.

Psalm 34:1-8

The weapons of our warfare are Mighty in the Holy ghost. They are mighty in the pulling down of strongholds.

James 4:6-7

The Lord gives more grace. Thank God!!!

Resist the devil, and he will flee.

We don’t resist the devil with muscles or earthly things because he is a spirit being. And the word says if we resist him, he will flee.

He wasn’t referring to smaller demons…. If we resist THE DEVIL HIMSELF, he will run away as in flight and fright. Imagine if the ‘biggie’ is scared, what will happen to the smaller demons?

We have exercised our dominion in Christ. He is afraid of the name of Jesus.

I have shown you how to take our lives seriously, how to respond spiritually, how to pray. When we pray, something happens. And whenever the URGE to pray, PRAY!

EVERYONE WHO HAS THE HOLY SPIRIT WILL HAVE THE URGE TO PRAY. He is the spirit of prayer. He stirs our hearts to pray. He puts words in our mouths.

Every Christian should be yielded to the Holy spirit. From now, start living a spirit-led life. The coming of the Lord is near. Not much time left. The time is short. Everyday counts.

You need to have the coming of the Lord in your heart from now on. This is a great reminder if the day in which we are living. Now you have to consider that you are living for the Lord. Let him be first in your life. He should be your focus in ALL THINGS. The days of living for yourself as though you are a non christian are gone. The days of hiding your identity as a Christian are gone.

If you can hide your identity as a Christian, your faith is weak.

It is an exercise of your faith to demonstrate his Lord ship in your life.

Change how you’ve been doing things..

Prioritize your life from now on. It has to be different.

Start learning to share the gospel with others.

Talk to others about Jesus.

Become prayerful.

Have a plan of prayer…. Otherwise you won’t pray.

There are so many activities (useful and useless) that could occupy your time and you wont pray.

Prayer is not about asking for something you want.

You’ve got to have such tines where you are talking to God and not others.

Plan your prayer life. When are you going to pray. Set your phone alarm. If you are serious about it, there must be a way. Ask the Lord to guide you in planning your PERSONAL PRAYER SCHEDULE. and its better if you do it EVERYDAY.

Have a schedule for everyday. Its better because it helps you have a spiritual consciousness everyday.

You may ask ‘how long should I pray’?

You will know if you are not praying enough because it is a relationship with God.

Spend time praying and SAYING THE RIGHT THINGS.

The more time you spend in prayer, the more helpful it is to you. There is the edification of your spirit and education of your spirit that you get in prayer.

No one educates you like the Holy spirit. He teaches you and brings you information.

He enlightens you and guides you.

When you pray, keep writing materials close to you because he talks all the time and tells you what to do. God considers it important. You wouldn’t want to lose what he says.

It may not happen everyday, but when he does, you will need to write it down.

The Holy spirit is real. Take what he tells you seriously. If you will, he will talk to you.

Tomorrow we will fast from 6am to 6pm, but we will enter a phase of praise and worship.

On Sunday, we have a special Easter broadcast 6pm to 9pm showing on all stations.


We will start having a GLOBAL PRAYER DAY every quarter. Next one will be in June.

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