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Today we will look at some questions that some have sent.
If you’ve been watching the programs since last week, there are several questions that have already been answered.
Just in case you didn’t understand it, if we have touched on it previously, we will try to touch on it again tonight.

1. Q: Dear Pastor Chris…. Where was Satan and his demons during the days of Noah when God destroyed the whole world with the flood? Why didn’t God destroy Satan and his demons since he is responsible for all the evil in the world?


Ans: The flood dealt with the physical world as it was known then.
There is a time set when the devil will be destroyed. God is orderly and when that time comes, Satan will be destroyed.

Q: You discussed the second coming of the Lord. What can I do to get myself ready for the first flight?

A: first, a person must be born again. Then. You must live for Jesus Christ and be found constantly growing unto Maturity. Study the word, go to church, fellowship withe holy ghost. You must also be marked as a Christian, Winning souls.

God has given man choice. People will not just be given the mark… They will RECEIVE the mark of the beast. Wickedness and evil is a choice. People choose to yield to wicked nudgings of the devil
Gal 5:19- speaks of the works of the flesh. Those who yield to the works of the flesh will not inherit the kingdom of God. .
Getting raptured is an access we received as an inheritance as long as we walk by the spirit. If we walk in the spirit, we won’t yield to the flesh. The same life in the vine, is the same life in the branch. So, naturally you should produce the fruit of the spirit. Gal 5: 16-24
Its just to make a decision.
Start from your mouth so that your life will follow it. It brings it to your consciousness.
Say ‘I walk in the spirit’.
Train yourself to not go in the wrong direction
There could be wrong desires, but don’t let them lead you.
You have learned Christ in a particular way. Follow that way which you have learnt in Christ.
The devil won’t be finally destroyed until everyone has been given THE CHOICE to make Jesus their Lord.


Q: Could you please explain your opinion on 5G.

A: video playback from yesterday. (Kindly refer to notes of yesterday if you can’t stream)
You have to understand how things work in the system. E.g. imagine the pharmaceutical industry comes up with a drug ad they say to a country ‘we have this drug for this disease’, then the Govt represented by the regulators would review the product and decide how they will use it in their environment. They would subject it to tests and research before they say ‘it would work.. We want it in our country’.
On the other hand, they could after testing say ‘this isn’t good for us’.
In Nigeria, some years ago, the DG of NAFDAC, said she found out that some of the drugs that were coming into the country were not acceptable. The regulators did not accept the drugs, and yet it came in, so she had to investigate. She then took actions against those who were importing those drugs.

Same way, our research has yielded tremendous results. In looking through what the regulators in the USA/UK/EU… And what independent researchers (scientists and doctors) who were concerned about health had to say. These independent experts provided their own papers to these regulators and demanded to see what research they had seen before attempting to roll the 5G. Strangely NONE of the regulators provided any independent research to support their action.
These guys then presented their documents and requested that the Government should put out a moratorium on the roll out until the regulators can prove that it is not harmful to health.

Pastor is not just a minister of the gospel but. Into healing… So no matter how enthusiastic we are about the 5G because of its benefits, we would put health first.
Pastor just got concerned that our regulators didn’t do their research on it.
We just want that if there are health risks, THEY SHOULD BE FIXED before it is implemented.
It will be dumb to go into any project like that without considering the implications.


Q: since I got born again, I have heard conflicting messages about the eternal security of the Christian. Is it just to confess Jesus and that’s it? Is a Christian required to do anything else?

A: the confession of the Lordship of Jesus brings you into a relationship. And it must be nurtured. That makes you be joined with Gods spirit. That alone would ‘seem enough’
But, There are some people in scripture who were saved but went back into the world.
A Christian must be one in spirit and in truth. There would be a union of that testimony in your actions. Its better to Concentrate on the assurance that God is able to keep you from falling instead of researching on how possible it is to fall away. (E.g. apostasy)
It IS POSSIBLE to lose your salvation.
2 peter 1:5-11. That’s the summation of it all.
Eternal security is real. But conditioned on living the life of eternal Security. No one is able to pluck you out. Jesus is your protector. He keeps you… BUT your life is full of choices. Make the choice to live for him continually.
We have a life that’s given to us and God wants us to live according to his word. It’s the simplest and most natural thing to do…you would have to be TEMPTED to do wrong.
The Christian life is not possible without the holy ghost. That’s why you MUST receive the Holy spirit.

We are in a period where if someone gets sick, going to the hospital is almost like certain death because of the virus which they are not treating.
That’s why your faith needs to be working NOW.

This program basically addresses those who already believe in Jesus Christ.

You can only know the things of God by the Holy spirit. He becomes your teacher. He guides you to know the truth. Some Christians and preachers don’t know the truth. Its not about being called a pastor… You’ve got to serve Christ. You must think and act as a christian. You must study the scripture like any Christian should.
It was the religious leaders who were supposed to know the scriptures that were the first to condemn Jesus.


We are all sent differently for different important things.

The parable of the sower: seeds on the wayside never produced because the devil stole the word…why? They did not understand.
Always ask questions and make sure you understand so you don’t lose it.

Second group: roots didn’t get deep. When crisis came the word withered away. They received the word full of Joy but they didn’t meditate on it. Don’t just be excited about the word. Give the word an opportunity to go deep inside through meditation. Don’t treat the word like a newspaper you read yesterday. Think through the word and let the love of God be strong in you. If you love Jesus, You will do his word..whatever he tells you. Secondly, learn to talk about your love for Jesus. In your personal prayer and when you talk to others, talk about your love for Jesus. The more you talk about it, the stronger it builds. So when difficult times come, without a deep love for Jesus, it will wither.

Third group : Received seeds among thorns. The seeds grew but they had other desires, the deceitfulness of riches. The desire to be like the world. This causes the word to be choked… And unfruitful.

4th Group: They received the word on GOOD GROUND and it produced lasting results.
God wants you to be this 4th one. You will find your life from glory to glory.

As a ministry, we received CHILLING WORDS in February, that have led us to pray for us to be in sync with the words written in the books of Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelations.

Jesus said He was the light of the world. When he went away, the world was still in darkness. His disciples took over…and now we are on the scene as the light of the world. We must take our place and shine brightly as the light.
The world is in a situation today different from where it has ever been.

Prince Charles in Davos, was calling for a new world system which he hoped would become effective in 2030. There are others like him speculating that by that date they should have a one world economy.

At the beginning of the 70th week, the one who would be the Antichrist will sign a treaty of peace with Israel. And that would fall just around that time.

The TIME IS SHORT. LET NO MAN DECEIVE YOU…No matter what technology comes in, we will use it for the gospel. But before they start going crazy with it, I’m going to be gone. ????

The rapture will be the most notable event the world has ever known.

Rev 13: 16-18. The mark, OR the name of the beast… OR..the number of his name.
The beast will forbid anyone who doesn’t have that mark to buy or sell. I.e. be cut off from the economic system of the world.

Q: I am a cyber security manager. What is the way forward for Christians when some scenarios come up regarding the vaccination certificates which are expected to come up e.g. getting a new passport, of new Job?

A: if you are left behind, by then, it would be compulsory. It could even lead to imprisonment or death. Before the second half of the 7 years, it may look like ‘you need it to get a Job, etc’.. But by the
Second half, the Christians would be isolated.
In fact, there may even be some Christians that would be helping the implementation of this system because they don’t know the scriptures.

There is so much ignorance among Christians about the end times. Many ministers don’t talk about the coming of Jesus Christ.
Most don’t know!!!


2 Thess 2:3- Before the Antichrist is revealed, there will be a falling away/ the predicted great falling away of those who profess to be Christians (NIV).
Before the Antichrist is known, the structures for the one world govt would be in place.
What can bring such a falling away? The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, etc.

Its so important that you live your life stronger and stronger in Christ, so that you don’t fall away.

Imagine if a large sum of money is offered to you to allow a process that’s not okay to go through. .would you collect it? Would you sell your conscience as a Christian?
Some people do things to save their life. Or to get more comfort.
What’s the price you would be willing to pay?

Give your life to Jesus now.


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