Prayer and fasting are inseparable spiritual activities. Fasting is consciously staying away from food and other activities that can sway your attention from God: this also include excessive use of gadgets.

As earlier stated, we shouldn’t fast without praying. You must include adequate and regular intervals of prayer, study and meditation on the word.

There are different kinds of prayer.

The most important kinds of prayer for this period:

1. Prayer of praise and worship – to eulogize, thank and extol His majesty. Our hearts are fill with gratitude to the Lord

2. Prophetic Prayer – this kind of prayer is telling forth the word of God, pour out the word as it is stirred in your spirit. Pick those words and speak them out. This kind of prayer is inspired by the Holy Ghost.

3. Intercessory Prayer – in this kind of prayer, we intercede for someone or other people and pray for the ministry of the Gospel around the world.

What God seeks to achieve in us as we Pray.

1. Discipline – this is more important to God than the prayer we make. If God can get you to be in one place for a long time, you’ll soon hear Him.

2. Our Attention – when God has our mind stayed on Him, we hear Him clearly. His guidance keeps us in perfect peace.

3. God wants our fellowship/communion with Him.


This explains why we are instructed to pray and fast this period

Read carefully so you don’t miss out on any thought because if you don’t know the purpose of something, you may abuse it.

1. Prayer and Fasting (which is worshipping the Lord, praising and praying in tongues) will be stirring up your spirit to get a hold of the thought of God for the now. You’ll be positioning and synchronizing your spirit with God’s Spirit.

If you’re not synchronized with God’s spirit, you’ll be off the wrong end.

As you pray and fast, this kind of prayer will help you locate yourself in God’s place, for God’s time in God’s purpose, for God’s way.

Make sure that the character of your thought is consistent with the purpose at hand (Prayer and Fasting). You’ll study more than normal, pray more than normal and think the thoughts of God more than normal. This will begin to help you adjust yourself in the realm of the spirit to the perfect will of God. You’ll no longer be at the wrong place.

At times of prayer and fasting you’ll see more visions, hear God more – God didn’t keep them away from us but we became rightly positioned at this time.

2. The Conditioning of the Spirit.

Prayer and Fasting will condition your spirit to think success, victory, triumph and to see light only. To be conditioned means you’re skilled in a certain way.

For instance, from the prophetic prayer and prayer of worship, with reading aloud the Scripture meditatively triggers an inspiration inside you that conditions you to be God minded (a sense of closeness/fellowship with God)

The inspiration maintains a high level of God consciousness and it will stay with you for a long time.


– It positions you rightly to receive from God.

– You are in a place of advantage.

– Suddenly the whole world and all challenges becomes too small to you.

– Your relationship with God grows

– You function in the gift of the spirit.

– It strengthens your focus


During the fast, write down your expectations; don’t just fast.

Set challenging goals and targets for 2020.

Your goals should be so big that it will take only God to score.

God is a BIG GOD, therefore He doesn’t have any space in small visions. Let your 2020 visions be so big to accommodate a BIG GOD.

Goals – visions – targets – achievements are NOT to be set in the minds BUT they are to be written in block letters so you can read even on the run. Habakkuk 2:2(msg)

Kindly Share with your friends to help them prepare well for 2020.


God bless you.

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