The reason many have unanswered prayers, You carry this blessing, financial discipline,

Dan 8:23-25 NIV
When they FEEL SECURE, He will destroy many.

Jesus called Satan the Father of lies and a Murderer. He is the very epitome of deception.
The power that the Antichrist wields is the power of Satan. He will lie and murder in deceit.

We are seeing this type of manifestation going on and we can’t just close our eyes and say it is ordinary. No! We’ve got to stop the devil in his tracks.

He WILL DO ALL THOSE THINGS anyway, but it shouldn’t be now.
We need to continue to pray till we have the consciousness that it is all done. We can’t stop halfway.
We can’t be like the king who struck only 3 times and stopped. It is better to overdo it and paralyze the power of the enemy.

You are in Christ Jesus, and because you are in Christ, remember that Greater is he that is In you than he that is In the world.
So many still need to come to christ. We must prepare for the massive harvest that must take place before the rapture.

Pray for the nations of the world and the leaders for BOLDNESS to do what is right for their countries.

We have to look at Patterns set in the word of God.
It is never too much to pray.
Take responsibility.
Whenever the Isrealites had a problem, everyone gathered including the children

God listens to even children and hears their voice when they pray.

We are praying that things happen inline with God’s perfect will.
The Parable of the wheat and tares: while men slept, the enemy sowed tares.
Don’t be found sleeping (not being spiritually alert)

This year 2020 was announced as the year of perfection and alignment. Bringing things to God’s perfect order and timing.
The month of March, God told us it was the month of Knowledge.

We were so busy with God’s work, not noticing what the one world Govt people were doing. Thank God that so much knowledge has come to us on satanic works that have been happening.
That’s the reason we are fasting and praying. We know we can’t just be quiet of let things carry on.

They are those who think ‘how can the whole world be deceived?’.
Remember Y2K.
All the governments of the nations were spending billions of dollars in preparation.
There was FEAR of what was going to happen. Everyday, analysts were on TV talking about all the things that needed to be done.
They never told us the truth that it was just a SMALL ADJUSTMENT that needed to be made in the date.

Guess what? Nothing HAPPENED…. and no one apologized or explained why nothing happened. Everything just went on as though all that propaganda never took place.
Why? Nations and governments were deceived.

Regarding this covid-19: People should get TREATED and not be left to die.

Sean Hannaty of Fox news gave a news report a day ago to call on Gov. Cuoma to stop preventing people from getting chloroquine treatment. He actually challenged the governor.
Many people have been successfully treated with the same drugs. The drugs have been tested and proven .
So, the idea that it is incurable till a vaccine comes is UNREALISTIC.

NOT EVERYBODY LIKES TO HEAR the truth. Some want the situation to remain like this, which is very unfair.

We are not crying WOLF where there is not.
There are clandestine plans to keep things this way so that they become what they call ‘the new normal’. There are lies that would be given… E.g. some scientists are now publishing that the earth is no longer shaking because of the lock down. If it is so good, why won’t they suggest that we all remain on lockdown?
That’s their strategy….

If you live in the UK, visit Help them reverse the Corona virus bill that was passed last week. HC Bill122… Go read and study it intelligently (Forced detention and isolation, lockdown powers will prevent protests etc…. Just read the horrible things being signed into law). You would think this was China.

Right now, they need 200,000 signatures to reverse that bill Urgently!
They rushed through it and passed the bill… WHILE MEN SLEPT.

If this is happening with US HERE, what will happen to this world when we are gone.

We are having evidence … The time of the Lord’s return is near.
All the incidents of the past and this one are just Satan’s dress rehearsals.
We are in the last days.

Review the notes on the things that will shortly be.

Psalm 102:16-18
Build: raising children
Generation to come: The last generation (original translation).
Which is the last generation is THIS GENERATION that is on during the 70th week of Daniel’s vision.
The people which shall be CREATED shall praise the Lord (as in marriage…. Original translation).

John the Baptist had spoken at the Jordan, “God is able to raise children out of these stones unto Abraham”… It was a prophecy, not a threat.

Dan 7:23-25 (that’s 3 and half years)

In every crisis, there are those who have taken advantage to come up with laws and regulations that do more harm than good.
A lot of times, its not even the crisis itself that is the problem, but our response to the crisis which is more devastating. Lives are lost, liberties reduced… So many things happen.
So, we are looking beyond the crisis itself. It is nothing compared to what it can be used for.
It is the dangerous steps that could be taken by Governments and organizations.
Its the advice that many may be given as a fall out of those crisis. These are the things we are praying about.
The crisis in itself is nothing. Its what it could be used for.

E.g. at a crisis period like this, many governments apply “emergency rule”. This means the Parliament is hardly needed at this time. They rule by ‘decrees’ and executive powers. The executive is given emergency powers because there is no time for debate. No time for research. No.time to fins out whether the step to be taken is right or wrong.
Such times are very delicate because decisions could be made that are not right.
So we have got to pray.
History is replete with stories and stories of this.
Governments adopt a totalitarian rule. The question is… At a time like this…who is hearing from who?
At a time when nations are not sure of what to do… WHO ARE THEY LISTENING TO?

The WHO is supposedly an Organ of the U.N. It is defined as an agency of the U.N. What you would think is that all the nations are involved in their decision making…but that is wishful thinking.

In the last decade, more than 70% of its income has come from organizations and private individuals. He who pays the Piper dictates the tune. Their autonomy has become questionable.
Do your research on where it gets its money from.
If its not coming from the countries, then the countries votes are minimized.

If an organization like that must be fair and pursue its mandate rightly, Then it should not be funded by interest groups. It will seek to fund those interest groups.
Let’s research on this.

The sugar industry approached congress in the USA as a pressure group to scrap funding to the WHO. Similarly the pharmaceutical industry which as major funders value profits over access to basic health…

This is why we would have to pray with knowledge. We must pray that God will guide them to make the right decisions. Our role is to pray. Christian Politicians can argue in parliamentary. Everyone has a role to play.
Every law maker should read bills and do research before signing bills.

The next Phase of Prayer:
When Jesus wanted to cast out demons from the mad man of Gadara, they were negotiating to be driven to swine.

The devil is trying to negotiate forced vaccines on Children since adults have knowledge. This would make children properties of the state.
Spiritually, we must refuse Satan’s negotiations.

Pharaoh was negotiating that the Israelites leave their children and cattle behind, but Moses Insisted that everyone be let go.

Same way, we must pray that there would be no forced vaccination for children. We forbid it!!!

Pls download our LIVE TV Mobile APP.
The world is going to see a resurgence of Dictatorship as never seen before. They want to make the senate useless.
There is a move by certain people to block dissent.. Free speech is only free when they are talking.

Remember what happened just before the 1st world war in Germany. People were happy looking forward to the future. When war broke out, they went back into despair. Hitler began his evil work which eventually led to the 2nd world war.

This time, it’s somewhat different but we have the same feeling. No nation is at ease. When there are armed soldiers on the street is NOT A SIGN OF PEACE.
Living for Jesus is not difficult at all.

If you have not accepted Jesus into your heart, do so right now.
He told us about these days, and he said when we see things things happening, we should know that his coming is near.
Make a commitment to Jesus Christ.

Years ago we told people that what is happening RIGHT NOW is possible, they didn’t believe it. .what’s happening is like reading a book or being a part of a film that you never rehearsed.


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