handling challenges with ease, seeing is believing

What is going on right now is beyond the Covid-19. Its something more sinister

We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

In the days of Esther, everything looked good and fine. But there was a man who was friends with the king. 

The Jewish people were at that time in some form of bondage, but enjoyed some form of liberty in a strange land. 

Sometimes, you enjoy liberty but forget you are in a strange place that is not home. 

Like every Christian today, the bible says we are in a journey. We are pilgrims and strangers in the earth.

While we are here, we must remember our purpose.

There’s a reason why we are here, and it is for a time. 

We don’t belong in this system

The Jewish people were at ease and everything looked good, until Hamaan just didn’t like a certain Jewish man that he often met when he went to visit the king (Mordecai). So he decided it would be too disrespectful to go after just the one man. 

Through his influence, He got the King to sign his decree. 

Its amazing how much wickedness one person could execute. 

The news got to the Jews, and they fasted, prayed and called to the God of heaven for deliverance. And God heard their prayer and delivered them from the hand of wicked Hamaan.

These things have happened again and again. 

There are places where Christianity is completely outlawed or forbidden. You find that those countries used to have many churches before. You ask ‘what happened’? And often, there are no answers because they hadn’t asked. 

God would never orchestrate such a thing (anything that would forbid the gospel). Now such places people hide to talk about Jesus. 


The Christians at that time in that nation were no watching. They didn’t do what Jesus said. 

If the Jews in Shushan had no fasted and prayed, they would have also been destroyed. 

The Christians in Jerusalem as well. If they had not prayed like they did, Peter would have been killed like James was killed. 

Thank God for this time you are at home. Don’t worry about the virus. God is just giving us TIME to pray. Had this not happened, we wouldn’t have known all the evil works that had been going on. They think they have us on lockdown, but NO, they have given us the opportunity to hear God and pray. This is not time for wasting. It is time for prayer because your LIBERTY IS AT STAKE. YOUR PERSONAL LIFE AND FREEDOM IS AT STAKE. You are at that time when you will determine whether you will go to heaven or go to hell. 

There is DANGER that’s why we are praying and fasting. We are not ignorant. 

That’s why we must PRAY 

Pray against the works of evil and the HATRED OF CHRISTIANS that has been brewing and seems to be climaxing in many places now. 

In the last few months, they have been talking about antisemitism (the hatred of Jews). Anytime you hear anything about antisemitism, just know the hatred of Christians is close by. 

All these happening is just a cloak to cover the real plans of the adversary. 

That’s why we must pray because IT’S NOT TIME!!!

Daniel referred to the abomination of desolation. Jesus also referred to it.

2 people entered the temple and desecrated the temple by offering a pig to act like the Antichrist. But when Jesus came, he made them know that this ‘phase 1’ that the devil tried to play was not it. 

Our fasting continues. By Friday, we will know if we will continue. But this thing….WE WILL DESTROY IT. 

Where do Viruses come from? Scientists don’t know because they don’t exist in Nature. They are not living things. They don’t reproduce, they only multiply inside their host. 

They were not always there. 

Anything that doesn’t exist in nature is MAN MADE

The worrisome thing for a lot of people is that they are expecting the academia to ask and answer such questions while they live in fear. 

If viruses are man made, where did this latest one come from? And why does it resemble the one that had come before??

Don’t let anyone deceive you. Go online and check for yourself. 

Those who are against this evil having their websites and pages closed down. YouTube, etc. 

It is a war that has been declared by anyone who is against covid19. 

Bill Gates said we will eventually have some digital certificates to know who has been vaccinated against corona virus. *An invisible “quantum dot tattoo” used to Identify vaccinated kids*. 

Its actually a microchip. 

Isn’t this the Mark of the beast?

 When the microchip was tested, the team did not allow TV cameras in that year at Davos. 

Now they have included these digital vaccinations into their 2020 SDGs. They want to start with the poorest countries like countries in Africa. 

The 3 major thing they are working on;

1. One world Govt.

2. One world economy.

3. One world Religion.

They are trying to centralize everything.

This mark (microchip/digital ID) they want to put on people is not just a mark. It is an intelligent mark. The Bible says if anyone receives that mark, he is completely doomed. There is no forgiveness, or anything. He would have no place with God. It is the mark of a man. 

There’s a reason for it. 

Through that mark, you can be controlled. They can control your thoughts. 

The Nations that were destroyed in the old testament (e.g. Canaanites) were destroyed because they were no longer normal human beings. Fallen angels had slept with them, and as such were descendants of those beings. They we’re corrupted races. Their thoughts were thoughts of devils. They were full of wickedness. 

The devil is trying to push his agenda before the rapture of the church that’s why we must say NO. We must pray. Don’t assume another person is praying. 

When this happens, there is no reversal… That’s why we have to Fight it. 

Now they are saying “if you don’t get this vaccine, you’re going to die and you will affect other people”. Then they will begin to round up the Christians who say they don’t want the vaccine, and treat them the way the Nazis treated Jews. Terrible.

 The Rapture of the church is the first thing that we should be expecting right now. .. the church has only “2 days” to be in this world.

Matt 24: 32-34. A generation is about a hundred years according to scripture.

The fig tree is symbolic of the nation of Israel. 

When it’s branch is yet tender, you know that summer is near. 


Jesus was talking about things that would happen in the last days after the tribulation. He was giving them the SIGN of his coming. 

The elect spoken about isn’t referring to Christians. 

Jump to Amos 8:1-2. Refers to a basket of Summer fruit. What does it mean?

It means the gathering. 

He is saying he has another harvest. He won’t be with them again. He leaves them.

Back to Matt 24:32-33 This just shows the timing. 

The relationship between the fig tree and the summer fruit is THE GATHERING OF THE FRUIT. This is the period where God is with the Gentiles, gathering himself a people. 

V34: this refers to the generation where the fig tree has it’s tender branch 

From 1948, Israel became a nation. Start counting the generation from there. Take a 100 years from there. This exactly also coincides with the ‘2 days’ spoken of. 

*During this 100 years from when Israel came back as a nation is when the Rapture, the middle East peace treaty, the Russian allied invasion of Israel, the one world govt, economy and religion, the broken treaty and the great tribulation will take place*


The nearest sign we have is the gathering of Israel as a nation in 1948. Now we are in Very critical time. 

Any thing you want to do for God, do it now!!!!

But we won’t allow them to carry out the things which should happen after the rapture Now.

Proverbs 10: 5. Summer is gathering time. 


Isreal is tender currently. They are still looking for help, because they know they are surrounded by enemies. 

2 Thess 2:1. that’s the rapture. 


There is a difference between the rapture of the church, and the day of Christ.

It refers to the beginning of the millennial reign that starts with Judgement. 

1 These 4:16. This is what will soon happen. 

1 Cor 15:51.  

We will be changed/transformed. 

The world will still continue after the rapture. It’s after the Rapture that they would implement their laws. 

There will be Great Chaos and Judgement on earth when we get Raptured. Such that they will be so ready for a one world leader. 

People are dying from covid-19 are dying because they are being left to die and not being given treatment. God will bring those who orchestrated this thing to book in Jesus name. Amen.


Daniel 7:8, 24; 8V23-26 (NIV)

Others will give him power and Satan will give him power too. 

He will be the chief of Fake news. He will cause deceit to prosper. He will take a stand against Christ but he will be destroyed. 

Rev 13:1, Dan 9:26-27… This suggests that Israel would have built the 3rd temple and would have begun to offer sacrifices to God again. Isreal would be at peace because of the 7 year treaty which they would sign with the ANTICHRIST. They won’t know he is the ANTICHRIST. He would be a popular, well liked person. (first 3 and half years)

Ezekiel 38: 10-12. Russia Iran, Persia, the King of the North African countries and their allies…are being addressed here prophetically. They would attack Israel and other nations will stand idly by, no one will come to their aid, but God will intervene and deliver Israel. 

After Russia and Co are defeated, the only super power would be Europe (the one that the ANTICHRIST would be leading) Rev 13:1. Refers to the Mediterranean Sea. 

He would be hailed as a great leader for solving the middle East problem. His only threat would be Russia because Russia won’t support the treaty. So once Russia is defeated, Europe becomes the super power. 

Rev 13:4-5

People will begin to praise him for his mighty works. He would exercise his global authority for 3&1/2 years. (The second half of the 7 years)… This is the actual time the GREAT TRIBULATION will start. 

Rev 13:6-7

He will make war against the Christians and Jews who would be there at that time. He would be given power to do that by the nations. (Even Satan can’t give him authority to conquer Christians)

2 Thess 2:4 (one world religion)

Rev 13:8-15 

The false prophet would even be given power to breathe life into the Antichrist.

V16-17: One world economy

In the Hebrew text, they can use Numbers to tell a name. 

The Antichrist will only be revealed at the right time if we disallow him to be revealed before then.

 2 Thess 2:5-10

Remember the Parable of the 10 virgins. 

Remain afire for God all the time like the 5 wise virgins. 

Make yourself ready!


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