Using your faith, the gospel, DON'T LISTEN TO EVERY PREACHER

This is a fasting and prayer program.
It’s very important for us to pray in these times.
There are different seasons and times in life.
All the days are not always the same.

James 5:13-
This shows that there are different seasons. Sometimes for some reasons you may be heavy at heart. At such times, you should pray and not complain.
If you are merry, sing Psalms.

So many things have happened in the last few weeks to different people. Think of what many have had to go through. It’s almost unquantifiable what has happened all around the world. Some may never get their businesses back. Some have lost so much money. Think of the fact that there are some who have lost relatives. So many things!


And there are those wondering, ‘how much longer will these things be’.. and that’s why we are prayer. That it will be shorter than anybody planned. That’s why we pray. that God will give the leaders of nation’s the wisdom and the COURAGE to do what is right for their different countries.
Because the situation in each country is not necessarily the same… And that’s why nations need to do their own study and research.

People are bothered by 2 major things: the virus and 5G.
Do your own study. Don’t rely on what some others may be telling you because… Just imagine …what if they are wrong???
We know that they’ve been wrong before. Is it impossible for them to be wrong?
After all, if you take the discipline to do your study and not just rely on what another organization is telling you (especially not those run by interest groups), you need to be sure.

One thing formal education does for you is, it inspires in you the desire to learn. It increases that desire..and gives you that intelligence to sort out Information.
The idea that the public is always misled is unfair. That’s why you need an educated society. If you have that, people can obtain knowledge by themselves. But if you have a certain group that decide anything that is not consistent with their thought is wrong, then you are opening the door for a totalitarian system.

You can’t support freedom and suppress dissent.
In history, some of the proponents of freedom, when they got into power became very repressive. If you believe in something, you aren’t afraid for someone else to challenge your belief.
Jesus let people air their views and he responded. That’s Jesus!
What if the other guy has access to information that you don’t have access to. Isn’t it possible?

What information do YOU Have? Does who have platforms to propagate other people’s information shouldn’t censor it unless it is abusive.

Why would the ANTICHRIST want to have one world govt, economy and religion? He understands the power of religion.

Religion is not only about a god you believe in. It may not be a god. Religion is about faith, belief, trust…. And these are synonymous with themselves.

If you tell me something that I can’t see with my optical eyes, I can believe or not believe. And to have me accept your opinion, you have to make me believe you.

You can choose to believe or not to believe. It is the exercise of your human spirit.
The Bible says, with the heart, man believes unto righteousness. Believing is not with your brain. You believe with your heart/spirit. The more reason why the source of your information is important because you will be exercising your spirit to believe or not. You can believe something that’s false.
There is an effect in your believing something that’s right or wrong. It affects your person, life, emotions and future.
Your spirit has that compass that is directed with your believing.
That’s why God sent his holy spirit to help us. So that when we preach the word of God, he convicts men of their sinfulness. We can’t do it ourselves.


If you go to Israel, there may be evidence that Jesus lived there, but they can’t give you evidence that he was born of a virgin. Only Mary could know. What proof did she leave?
Or that He ascended to Heaven… Where is the proof? Enoch and Elijah were the only ones who had been caught up before. In Elijah’s case, other prophets didn’t even believe.
To believe in Jesus Christ requires supernatural help… That’s why God sent the holy Spirit to help us convict and convince men that Jesus is alive today, and that his name has power.
His word is his evidence.
His life is us is his evidence.

These are matters of Faith. It transcends religion. Believing or not is in everything about you. In every part of your life.

It’s sometimes disturbing when you have those who want to enforce their own belief on others.
You should share the message/gospel and let them make up their minds.

It is possible to believe a lie, and you can disbelieve truth.
You can champion a lie all your life, but YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.
You can’t blame someone else.

Jesus told the Jews ‘SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES’.
Paul told Timothy ” Study the word”.
Go into the scripture yourself. Check!!!! That’s the way it ought to be.

No one should be angry with anybody about those who believe 5G is good or not good.
It’s unfair. Just do your own INDEPENDENT RESEARCH.
Ask questions from Independent professionals…. (Not the marketer of the product). Everything a marketer will tell you will be good.
Until you have Independent study, it is UNWISE to do something that is for the public that you don’t have enough information on.
There should be lot of scientists, engineers etc that can give information, who are not funded by those in the industry.

That God for what is happening with the Corona virus now. The figures that were estimated for death, are now pretty less.
All kinds of conditions were being locked together as the figures for the virus.


15 hours ago, this information was confirmed by Birk.

The most official figures provided for this are provided by John Hopkins centre which were part of the simulation last year. How???
The other organization collating figures is sponsored by one of the players who participated in the simulation.

You can’t look at such things and close your eyes. You should ask ‘what is this’?

It’s important to study WHAT IS KILLING PEOPLE ENMASSE? Every country will have different answers.
It’s important to investigate.

We will continue to pray. The nations will continue to ask THE RIGHT QUESTIONS.

2 Years ago, Angel Merkel suggested that for there to be peace, nations would need to cede control to multilateral organizations.
But that time has not come.
This was a global siege. Over 180 countries took the instruction to shut down, and almost none did a research but took the advice because they were scared.
Their plan is that life should never return to normal ‘pre covid-19 life’. They plan to put policies in place to ensure that.

A former Senator who was co-chair on the council of foreign relations (one of the organizations sponsoring the new world order) said after 9/11 that there is a chance for the president of the USA to use the disaster to carry out a new world order.

In this case, they didn’t flatten the COVID-19 curve, they flattened the markets/the economy.

We must use this opportunity to research.

YouTube has banned all videos which talk about the harm of 5G.
They are a private organization, so they can ban anyone they want to. But it’s not right to ban dissenting voices on their platform. (That in a sense is Religion).
They are just like a church who wouldn’t allow a preacher who doesn’t believe their doctrine to preach on their platform.
We can’t be angry about that. They should just not give the impression that they are a ‘free’ platform.
It’s important to know what you stand for.

There is nothing wrong with criticism. You should be happy. It means you are worth criticizing. Jesus was criticized. Even God gets criticized. Lol.

There is a cure for covid-19… A medical cure. Some don’t like it that Hydroxychloroquine is working for several thousands of people (not self medication) it’s not wise to do self medication. It is both preventative and curative. That’s what we are hearing. For Christians, the biggest way is the name of the Lord Jesus.

We will pray for the nations that they will be opened.
That leaders will have boldness over covid-19..
Fear and confusion is gone.
They will have their lives back.
We will defeat this thing and it is crumbling already.

Prayer can be very effective and prayer can be mere religion.
There are people who don’t expect an answer to prayer. To them prayer is just a part of religion .
But God never told us to pray for Him, prayer is real communication.
You’re actually talking to someone that is listening to you, talking to you and is ready to answer you.

God knows your mind before you ask him. So why do you have to pray?
Because God operates in legality, in spite of the fact that he loves you. He operates with laws that he put in place.
The Bible says, he gave the earth to Humans to live and to run it, so he requires their invitation to intervene in their circumstances.

If you have a landlord and you are living in his house and pay your rent, he can’t just come into your house without an invitation because you a legal custodian of that house for that period.
That’s how it is with God.

There are different types of prayer and they all have different rules.
Read the books : praying the right way, how to pray effectively.
These are important materials to get and study. They will help you immensely.

In the next few days we will learn about praying in the spirit. It is a way to pray to be effective. What are you going to say to a God who knows everything? The holy ghost would have to put sanctified words into your mouth to speak to God…that’s a higher level.


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