Praise the Lord Hallelujah. This is Your Loveworld Season 2, Phase 6, Day 1.
I want to welcome you to today’s program. This is our season 2, phase 6 and I trust that by the power of the holy spirit, we are going to be synchronized with Gods moments. With his thinking, in the hour and in his divine plan and purpose.

We start out today and run through Friday. Whatever we don’t complete in one day, we can take it in the other day.
You can save your questions.
By Friday if you still have questions, you can send them.


Since the last time we met, so much has happened. Lots of good things. I want to read to you from Isaiah 44:25 MSG translation.
How true!!!
The so called experts look so trivial. And their so-called latest knowledge.. Silly.
All wisdom and knowledge is given by God. Jesus is the embodiment of all wisdom and knowledge.

Colossians 2: 1-2
Take that word “Christ” and go into verse 3.
In Christ you have all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. There’s No knowledge that’s outside of him.
All the scientific discoveries and beautiful inventions have been given to our world by Him.
God loves everybody.
God so loved the world of men that he gave his son. He loved everybody before Anybody did what was right.
He didn’t love us because we were good.
While we were yet sinners, Christ died for the ungodly. God loves the sinners.
If he so loved sinners and gave his life for them, what wouldn’t he have given to them? Christ has given the whole world all the benefits and good things of life. God wants the people to have a good life.

2 Cor 5: 14-15
Think about it. If he died for everyone, then in the mind of God, everyone died. Meaning that every sinner has paid for his sin in Christ Jesus.
Purpose: He did it with expectation. That if you heard about it, you’d believe it and accept that he died for You.
Now he wants you to live for him

He was reconciling the world unto himself (not Christians). He is not counting their sins against them because he laid their sins on Jesus.
Now he has committed to us the word of reconciliation.
If you think about this; what this really means.. What he thinks of the world…. What’s on his mind?.

ROMs 5:10,6-8
If when we hated God, we were still reconciled to Him by the death of his son, what wouldn’t he do for us???
God loves everybody in every city, state and country. He loves all men everywhere. In his goodness and love for man, when they didn’t think about it in their wicked works, Christ died for them.

Did he stop loving them after Christ died for them? No, His love is eternal.
He wants everyone prosperous, healthy and sound. It is his will.
When you study the bible, you cannot come to any other conclusion.
If you ever arrived at anything else, you haven’t studied it. Go back and study it.

Psalm 33:4
How sincere God is!!
Some people can do something nice for you and they are not sincere.
V5: The earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. Always remember that. So why are so many people poor then?
Why doesn’t it look so for a whole lot of people? There are nations, cities and families that are poor. There are more poor people in the world than there are rich people.
So many don’t even have enough for themselves.
Why is it so?
Its something that most of the world ignores.


For years I studied why nations can be rich and how…and why nations would be poor and how.
The bible gives the most extraordinary information.
Poverty is not an accident .
It doesn’t just happen.
It doesn’t happen because of where you live, or where you were born or laziness.
There are a lot of people who work hard and are poor. Intact there are more hardworking poor people in the world than lazy rich people. Of course the bible doesn’t encourage laziness in any way but that’s not the reason why many are poor.

In the last years, the United Nations came up with wonderful programs for the alleviation of poverty around the world. We will see how sincere they are.
How sincere are all these organizations? Government organizations, private organizations. They’ve been trying to alleviate poverty for so long.
How long does it take? Why is it so difficult?
How sincere are these poverty alleviation programs???

I’m not trying to get you against anybody. I just want to show you the truth from the word of God. So you will know where to turn your focus.
Would you look to international organizations for help? Will you believe some financial big pockets to come together and help your country or state out?
The reason for poverty is not far fetched.

Have you ever done a study on the protests around the world and the ACTUAL results of the protests.
How many protests, or political revolutions produced the desired results? Not even the French revolution. If anything, it was a curse ..because of those who engineered it.

Was the status quo better? No. The revolution was welcoming but not the way it happened because it was eventually hijacked… Like so many others have been hijacked by the same players.

So what’s responsible for all of this? We’ll get there shortly.
But we can see in psalms 33:5 that the earth is full of the goodness of God.
So why isn’t everyone enjoying this goodness?
Its very simple.

If you want to understand the mind and thinking of God, look at the scriptures. Look at Genesis. Look at how he dealt with Israel. It will help you understand how God thinks.

One day the children of Israel decided to be like other nations. They were not happy. Samuel was the priest that brought God’s word to them.
But the children of Israel were concerned that His sons would take over and things would get very bad (because they were not obedient), and they protested and said they wanted a king.
Samuel warned they were rejecting God using the excuse that the sons of the priest were not obedient. Nevertheless, They insisted.

1 Sam 8:7- Look at the way God saw it. In the mind of God, He knew they only pointed to Samuels sons as an excuse. They didn’t like Gods ways.

God told Samuel to warn them of what a king would do to them
Kings of other nations owned everything, and subjects paid taxes.
Taxes are a tool used by the government or the Monarchy to show you that what you have is not yours.

(Jesus asked who should pay taxes: the citizens or the foreigners? He knew that the taxation was a fraud.
Some people think we shouldn’t make any comment on the political affairs of the day…But Jesus did!!! He spoke about taxes. )

Hosea 13:10-11
Let’s see Gods mind about it.
These are the words of the prophet.
God was angry about it but he did it any way.

In the process of time, they had Saul, David (men of war) and finally Solomon who God gave peace in his days. .
God showed himself able to decide the affairs of the nations whether they would have peace of they would have trouble.

He said to David about Solomon that He would give him Peace in his days. Solomon was so prosperous. As long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper.
When God prospers the king, the whole Nation prospers.
Good rulers always make their nation to prosper.
Bad rulers destroy the prosperity of their nation.

Look at what happened in the days of Solomon
1 Kings 4:20,25
What a country!! Where everybody can party!

2 Chronicles 1:15.
Who made? King Solomon

2 Chronicles 9:20-27
Nobody was saving silver in those days….in the whole country. The whole nation was so prosperous.
Israel is a very small country. We are dealing with a small piece of property compared to the rest of the world. .Everyone wanted to hear the wisdom of Solomon. The country prospered.

When God inspires prosperity, it blesses others. When Satan inspires prosperity, it is always at the destructive expense of others.

That’s the reason for poverty. The manipulation of their country by a select few.
That’s why when the country is prospering and money is coming in, suddenly some clandestine group takes a shot at the currency and destroys it. Why? Because that’s how THEY get rich. So they make sure your currency goes down while they buy up all your infrastructure, banks, factories, airports. They call it investments.
Ignorant people call for foreign Investors not knowing that they caused it.

The bible says in all labor there is profit. It doesn’t matter what you do.
Those people never want you to pay off your external debts because that’s how they get their money

How do they hit your currency? With negotiations and intimidation.
They come with amazing offers then…they insist on some revising of your economy. These people set up a crisis for your country. Once that takes place, your leaders start looking for a solution…then they move from negotiations to intimidation. .your leaders are ready now to take up their offers.
They ensure your factories are dead. It would pay you better to import from their own countries.

This is the reason poverty cannot stop.
Most of the time we pray wrong.
God has already blessed your country and He doesn’t like it when certain Individuals and thieves are robbing your country.

Poverty is not an accident. Its caused by people. I spoke about the weakening of the nations.
Some would come as if it is a great idea
How can it be a great idea when your company exists on falsehood, fraud and lies.

When men are in league with Satan, they do his works. We are in league with God so we do good and carry out good works. Isa 14:12
Have you noticed that your nation is weaker than it used to be? Most nations have lost themselves to other people

It requires the power of God to save nations. The force behind some nations is Lucifer.
When God blesses, He doesn’t have to ruin someone else to bless you. He has more than enough.
So when you are praying for your country, understand how God sees them.
Pray that those who weaken the nations won’t be able to carry their activities any further.

The US federal reserve that acts as the central bank. In many countries,the government runs the central banks. (some countries have lost the central bank annd the people don’t know it).
The US federal reserve doesn’t belong to the United states. That means that the United States dollar does not belong to the United States.
That means that all the money of the united states is loaned to the country by the federal reserve.

You can check these out. These things are real and not new.
The Federal reserve is owned by certain individuals and organisations and most are not in United States. A lot are in Europe. Which means that those who own the money are foreigners.

Now you can understand why the President will say ‘we only need 500 billion for something..’ and the congress says “NO,we need 2 trillion”

The fed does not do any work, they just bring money. Just some individuals.
The central bank in the united states does not belong to the United States.
The question is the legality.

Why are nations poor?

Some thing is happening in the spirit.

We must pray right. Some prayers shouldn’t be directed to God but should be an exercise of authority.

If you pray for a demon possesed person for him to be healed from sun up to Sun down,he will not be healed until you cast out the devil.

God has already prospered yourcoutntry

1 Tim 2:1
Supplications are argumentative prayers. You are presenting a cause.
It’s like you are struggling for their lives…against who? Not against God.

Break the influence of spiritual wickedness in high places. Cancel their wicked policies and regulations. Those policies make it difficult for the people to catch up.
Once leaders try to do something, they are threatened. It’s negotiation, intimidation and Elimination.

I said for long that the testing of Covid-19 was a fraud. I was hoping that the United States would stop test the tests. But the president had to keep testing for political reasons. Now he has tested positive. It was planned: The October Surprise.

2020 insurance policy is the Covid-19. They needed to play this Card.
They are telling Trump, you didn’t handle covid-19 properly but now they are asking him “are you ready to comply?”

If Trump can overcome this, he wins. But if he follows them this way and that way, it will be trouble.

The future of the whole world is in the bible.

Just recently in the state of Michigan. health workers won a case against the Governor. They sued the Governor to be allowed to treat patients.
This is so painful.
Do you mean we have come to that point in our world? Where you have to go to court to overcome the Draconian rules that the Governor put in place?

People were dying by the numbers because they were not being treated, not just of Covid but of other preexisting conditions. .hardly anybody died who didn’t have any preexisting conditions.

They died because they were refused treatment of whatever other condition that they had.

I told you about the 5G which has been suspended because of our prayers. I will come back to it later.

Their idea is that a Global Crisis requires a coordinated global response. This is what is called a Global government (one world government)…which has been the plan of Satan. Satan knows that God is going to have his one world government by Jesus Christ, so he wants to set up his own. ..

Nancy Pelosi is now hoping that the President has learnt his lessons (it’s a threat and its not even veiled). Its a terrible thing to say when the guy is sick.

Consider this:
We talk about God blessing his people. And people ask for blessings all the time
Don’t you think God cares?
Jesus Teachings were very simple.
He said consider the birds of the air who the father feeds. You are of more value than many sparrows.
Don’t think about what you must eat, drink, wear. The Father knows you have need of such things.
Poverty should not be.

Think of these nations that are in a state of dystopia. Who is in charge? Satan and his children.

Break their influence over your city and country. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to bring down these evil financial fortresses.

Pray in tongues like never before and God will put thoughts in your heart and words in your mouth.


When we understand the times, we pray accordingly and we have results. When we pray, we pray the Fathers will like Jesus taught us.
It is the Father’s will that His will be done in earth as it is in Heaven. He wants people blessed, not destroyed.

What’s a Generation?
A lot of people will say its. 30,33 , 40 or 70 years with their reasons.
All their reasons are nice.
What’s interesting is..they all speculate. None of them can point to any scripture or group of scriptures that say so. They are conjectures and that’s not good enough if you want to know Gods will and timing.

What does God think a Generation is?
God is not going to Judge by asking us ‘what did History or Geography say?’.

Genesis 15:12-16
This was when God was cutting a covenant with Abraham. He was giving him an insight into the future.
Observe something in verse 13. The Israelites would be in Egypt for 400 years
V16: He called it the 4th generation.
What God has just said is that 400 years is 4 generations. This is the most direct, Specific definition of the length of a Generation in all of the bible. Which means any other kind that is not clearly so would have to give way to what is clearly so.
We should accept the absolute, above conjectures. There is no room for speculation with this direct information

1 Kings 6:1
What we have here is something we should observe that will help in personal study.

Once a child is born, he doesn’t have a zero age. We say he is in his First year. In 12 calendar months, he clocks 1 year.

This is very important when we read the bible.
We are talking about the cardinal years and the ordinal years. Understand the difference so you don’t make a blunder in what the bible tells you.

Solomon was in the 4th year of his reign. He hadn’t completed 4 years, but he had completed 3.
Right from the exodus, it has been 480 years since then.
Why are these things important?.
God is so detailed about timing.

If we follow the timing in the scriptures, you will be amazed at where it takes us. The bible is very detailed. Very clear.

Genesis 5: 32.
Were the boys triplets?
Who was older? The bible mentioned the 3 names at once.

Genesis 9: 22-24
Ham was the Younger son of the two. That makes him the youngest of the three. See NIV

Genesis 10:21
Japheth was the older than Shem.

Yet, we always have Shem mentioned First. Why? Because in his lineage would come the messiah. It was a sign. But when the Genealogy is given, Japheth is mentioned first.

Those things are important because they give us key details that are very important.

The bible tells us that Noah was 500 years old when he had those boys. Now we see that they weren’t born at the same time.

I’m going to show you from the Bible, the timing, Genesis unto Christ…how many years from Adam to Christ..and to today… and how long have we left to Jesus coming back

Its all in the bible.

Salvation Call.


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