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Opening Prayer Session led by The Esteemed Pastor Lanre Alabi.
Rev Chris Oyakhilome DSC DD
They that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up with wings as eagles

Praise the Lord.
Its great to be back here, specially in prayer.
I told you that we will have fasting and Intense prayer these 3 days beginning today.
Intense prayer is not about shouting or how loud your voice is, but the depth of your spirit in prayer; the intensity of your communication with the spirit in prayer.

We started out in prayer this year, 2020.
And the Lord guided us and instructed us to pray.
And because we prayed, many things changed.
In the process of time, I told you that towards the end of the year, the deception would intensify.
I told you they would come up with a version of the virus that is supposedly more deadly and spreading faster…to increase the fear.
I told you about the plans to have 3 lockdowns by the end of the year.
Some countries have already experienced what i told you.

If the lockdowns worked why are they still being lockdown.
The countries with the strictest lockdowns, are the ones with the worst cases(where fictitious numbers are produced and accepted by their government)
What I’m saying to you is confirmed by the best scientists in the world.
Don’t listen to the quacks who are doing it for pay.
Listen to those who are honest.

I’m sharing this word with Gods people, not everybody.
If you are not in Christ Jesus, you don’t have to accept what I’m telling you.
After all, this program, I called for prayer. I’m not addressing everybody because it matters who you pray to.
Remember the words of Jesus.
If you believe in Jesus Christ, you cannot be afraid of a virus or any disease.
If you truly believe in Jesus, he gave you power to heal. Remember that.
If you are afraid of the virus, YOU DO NOT TRULY BELIEVE IN JESUS.
Maybe you don’t really know what Jesus did for you.

Don’t worry about the tests. Whether it is positive or negative, it doesn’t mean anything.
Ask what are they testing for?
The test is a fraud.
In many countries, they have reported that there have been a lot of false positives and false negatives.
Don’t be afraid even if you have a loved one that tested positive.
The reason most people died was neglect.
Real science has proven that covid 19 itself is not as deadly as they said.

I will show you from the bible what is really happening now.
We need to stand in the gap and pray for the nations of the world. .they are in a terrible mess and they don’t know it. Humans cannot save themselves.
For you that is a child of God, God sent me to help you.
Ezra 6:14
These returning exiles decided to build the house of God. As they were led to build it, they prospered through the prophesying of prophets Haggai and Zechariah.
Through their message, Gods people prospered.
I am sharing Gods word with you to strengthen you in these dark and perilous days. .these are difficult says and people are struggling. Lives are being completely destroyed by unreasonable leaders.
Isaiah 14:9
“The chief ones of the earth”… Translates to “He-goats”.
Remember the sign of that cult I showed you. It’s a goat sign.
Satan’s sign is a Goat.
Any cult that uses a goat sign is into satanism.

Now he is addressing the spirit being.
V11- ‘Grave’ means Hell.
V12- This is going to be Just before Satan is Locked up in the pit.
Something happens before this.
Its shows that these are the last days.
Satan will weaken the nations.
The word ‘man’ in verse 16 is actually meant to read ‘one’.
V17- look at the lockdowns. They turned the streets into a wilderness. Even New York city was dried up.
Except we pray, they will not be let go by themselves.

We need to pray for Leaders who can stand up for truth and not be swayed by offers to sell their own people.
Did you ever hear that a man who was demon possessed set himself free?
When you have leaders who Satan has put ideas into their minds to deal with the people, no matter what you do, they won’t let them go. That’s why we have to pray.
This also let’s us know that we are in the last days.
Matt 24:37-39
This will be 7 years after the rapture of the church. .the coming referred to here, is in connection with Israel.

Let’s compare these days with the days of Noah.
Gen 5:28-31
After Noah was born, Lamech lived 595 years.
V32, 6: 1-3.
When u was showing you about Noah several weeks ago, I showed you about his life and his sons.

Noah lived 500 years and had these boys. His story is not over.
Before Noah, there were Giants ‘Nephilim’.
Its referring to not just being BIG, but being Bullies. They were Big and wicked.
These were the days before and after the flood.
Noah was at the middle.
He closed up that generation and began a new one.
Giants still came.

The men were Mighty ‘Gibbor’. They were famous for something unusual. They were superhuman.
The term for sons of God means Angels.
There was cohabitation between FALLEN angels and human beings.
Some say, ‘how can angels cohabit with humans? Didn’t Jesus say that the angels don’t marry?’.
Yes Jesus said so, but let me show you exactly how they did it.
Hebs 13:2
Angels have power to appear in bodily form like human beings.
There are several examples in the old testament.

This is remarkable.
‘Habitation’ is used in one other place in the new testament. It refers to the body as a habitation. (2 Cor 5:2)
These angels didn’t keep the bodies that God gave them from heaven. They manifested themselves in Human bodies even though they knew it was wrong.
God has judged those particular demons that did it.
Remember, many angels fell with Lucifer. Not many of them did this. The world was smaller in population then.
2 Peter 2: 4-… These angels sinned. They are now in hell.

Let’s go back to Jude1:6-7
He gives an illustration of what they did. Then he tells us something important and prophetic.
V8: Its a contamination of the physical body.
Look at the signs. .
They are filthy dreamers: they have evil ideas. They have visions for the world. Their one view is evil in nature… Filthy.
They contaminate the Body.
They have no regard for God and divine things.
They speak evil of Jesus and all who represent him.

Let’s go back to…
2 Peter 2:4-10… Its just like Jude said.
Having showed you this, we go back to Genesis 6:
V4- the interpretation is accurate.
V5- This was before the flood.
How did they get here?

Their plan was to ensure that the godly seed never came.
They knew the prophecy. That Christ would come as a human.
They were out to pollute all the generations of men.
They were defiling the bodies of men. Changing them. So there was no more pure seed.
Why did God ask the children of Israel to destroy all those nations?
They were polluted. They were grandchildren of Giants. That was why God send the Israelites to kill them. These were descendants and relatives of devils.
The whole race had been polluted.

Remember OG the king of Bashan. He was 13feet tall. Some Giants had 6 or 7 fingers on each hand. Some had toes behind their heels. They were monsters and they were desperately wicked. They couldn’t think good.
How could they think right, when they were offspring of fallen Angels?
Gen 6:6-7. God was so unhappy because of these things
V8 But Noah found grace….
He didn’t only behave right, he was Pure Breed.
Remember in the whole of Sodom, only the house of Lot was found to be righteous. Every other person was destroyed..
Same here. V9.
V10-13. Jesus said “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the son of man be”.

When he comes, there will be judgement on this earth’s inhabitants and then the earth itself will be burned up and replaced with another one.
Look for the signs.
They are not far away.
They are close.
This is why I am asking you to pray.

Luke 21:36.
How will you escape these judgements? The Rapture!
Only those reckoned as worthy souls will be raptured. Only the body of Christ that will escape these things.
BE PRAYERFUL, so that you can be accounted worthy to escape all these things!

Things have been prepared.
Everything is being prepared right now.
The angels are in preparation. God is in preparation. In the earth, Things are happening right now.
2020 has been an interesting year in which the alignment has been taking place through the prayers of Gods saints.

We have couple of days to go, and there is desperation in the spirit realm.
In the spirit, we are resisting them so strong.
The devil has no chance. He is the one to flee, not us. We are resisting him. We have considered the vicissitudes of the year 2020 coupled with the ethos of the leftists that sought to destroy the world with their ideology. But in all of these we triumphed.

EU is asking their governments to believe in Science.
They used to say believing was rubbish. That science is fact.
So why are you telling the people to BELIEVE in science.
I am appearing on your screen right now…it is a FACT. You don’t need to BELIEVE. It is with evidence.
Believing is the verb of faith.
You are telling people to have Faith in science.
This is an insult to the intelligence of the people of the world.

You are now introducing the religion called Science. .they are telling you that science is a new Faith. They are trying to replace your faith in Jesus Christ with Faith in science.
They are saying you don’t have to see it first, people should just believe what they are told.
They are advertising all over the internet that people should have Faith in science.
They think we have forgotten about how they said in the past that faith was foolish.
I’ve warned you about the vaccines.
The CDC has published on their website that these Covid19 vaccines contain M-RNA.

They make your DNA editable.
The CDC is telling you that your DNA will not be affected but they are silent about editing your DNA. You can be modified.
It is not the vaccine that immediately alters your DNA… But it makes your DNA alterable. So you are ready to become and genetically modified human being.
In the days of Noah, they were modified by demonic intrusion. The demons entered into them and changed them
This is important.
This is why the vaccine is very dangerous.
When you take it, you open yourself to become editable.

With 5G tech, they can connect to the nano chip which was introduced into your body by the DNA.
Man has been looking for the opportunity and power to control other men right from the beginning.
Now they have finally found it.
The CRISPER is a tool that can edit the human genome and fast track DNA modification processes. (Tell me it doesn’t exist).
Why is the US government investing in a tool that they cab use to recognize genetically modified ORGANISMS???? Because its being tested already. There are soldiers who are already of these breed. Genetically modified humans.

If you don’t take the vaccine, they will be mad at you because you don’t belong in their class.
But in the name of Jesus, we break the influence of anyone that will force the vaccines on people.
They are forcing Governments to pay for these vaccines. Governments are borrowing money to do so.
I can only see them preparing for those that they will be here after the rapture. But while we are here…. A thousand times NO.
“Those that are against thee will fall for thy sake”.
We have to keep praying. We cannot rely on the rest of the world to fight for us. We are the ones to fight for them because they don’t know what’s coming.

There are some that don’t want to talk about these things. But you are only deceiving yourself. You can’t run away from what’s happening. Just because you don’t want to think about it doesn’t mean its not going to be there.
You don’t just stand there and say ‘let’s change the subject’. The bible says ‘be sober, be vigilant… ‘. He didn’t say we should Ignore the adversary.
I pray for you.
If you are weak minded, you need the strength of a fighter. There are no sissies in Gods army. Wake up and be strong.
Don’t hope that somehow, others are praying for you.
You’ve got to be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. .stop wishing that you would just wake up and all these things will just fade away; that’s carnal talk. Wake up and be tough.
maybe some of these things were allowed by the spirit of God to wake you up until you are tough.

In some cities, things went worse and worse.
The lockdowns that some are going back into…
Pray for your country!!!
I have things to tell you as we pray tomorrow.
In these last days, just remember that they are genetically re-engineering organisms INCLUDING human beings
Once the DNA sequence is altered, that’s it! It is Irreversible!!!

If you are going to take the vaccine, just understand that you are dealing with something that is more than Covid19.
There are laws in some countries being altered in some countries to make it mandatory. But don’t fear any body.
They know what they are doing Is wrong.
The other day, the woman with Faucci who told people that they couldn’t visit their families was caught visiting her family in Delaware.
They don’t believe in these things they are telling you. They know it is not true.

Right now.
Pray for your country and other countries.
We are witnessing state capture by certain Cabals who have amassed so much wealth.
As they promise you money, they create a system where you cannot use that money they bribed you with. They are tracking the money they gave you. There is no point taking it. Mark my words!!!
You can’t hide it. You can’t keep it. You can’t pay it.

Money doesn’t exist. It only exists in the mind of the poor. Its mere numbers. Its a game of numbers.
Once you understand this, you will see that poverty is a mirage. It is the tool of the rich to oppress the poor.
Money is about power, number and opportunity. I pray that God will open your eyes and understanding so that you will live as a child of God and refuse to be intimidated.

Those of you in the media:
There is no such Race as the media.
As you deceive people you also get deceived.
Why will you allow yourself to get used like that?
You have to change if you have a conscience.

Go ahead and pray.
Pray that your nation will not forget God.
It takes godly leaders to have a godly country.
Use the name of Jesus.
Fasting and Prayers continue Tomorrow.


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