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Opening prayer session led by the Esteemed Pastor Kay Adeshina.
Rev Chris Oyakhilome
Worship session:
When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me, my soul
cries out to the Lord, hallelujah. Praise God for loving me.
Praise the Lord!
Welcome to today’s program.
The unction of Gods spirit will help you not only to understand but to act on
the word. To do what you must do.
Yesterday we continued discussing some of the things we started on day one..
I said to you that the time is short. Whatever we must do, we must do Now.
Serving the Lord is not optional really!
That’s what you have to do.
He created us for himself.
We are the works of his hands. We belong to him.
And he’s not a tyrant. He loves us..and in serving him, you get better and
greater. Its all for your good.
I started the first day to explain to you what time we’re in.
I’ll begin from there.
Let me give you the timeline.
Hosea 6:1-2
Here is the timeline something of what I’ve shown you previously.
(Diagram on timeline)
Daniel 9:25 TLB
483 years altogether.
He gives a specific number of years from a certain point; when the messiah
V26: when Jesus died, His kingdom hadn’t been realized.
(This brings us all the way to the 69th week
Then he goes on to tell us about a king that will come.
Daniel doesn’t see the space between the 69th and 70th week.)
V27: He explains what will happen in the middle of the 7 years; the breaking
of the pledge.
Matthew 24:1… After Jesus lamented in chapter 23, he walked out of the
Temple and that Calendar of the Jews stopped.
The prophet said ‘I will return to my place until they acknowledge their
When does Jesus come back?
Matthew 24:15-21
This period will happen from the middle of the 7 Years..
From then the world will witness the most troublous times ever seen.
Immediately after the tribulation of those days is when Jesus comes.
During the second half of that period, men will do whatever the Antichrist
wants them to do after he has transformed into who he really is, instead of the
man of peace that they thought he was.
Satan unleashes all of his power on earth during those 3 and half years. ..
Thank God the days are limited to three and half years. So much evil will
happen in this world. There will be no rest; no place to hide.
V30- Jesus shows up.
Rev 19:11- in this revelation of John, Jesus is about to come out of Heaven to
descend to the earth.
We will come out with him clothed in white fine clean linen.
As Jesus is descending, on the earth, A battle is raging… They would unite to
fight Jesus and Us as we descend from Heaven.
V18: There will be so much death in that battle. They will be slain with the
word of God.
V20- The beast and the leader of the one world religion will be arrested.
The beast is bound for 1000 years while we reign with Christ.
What happens after the ‘Two days’?
2 Thessalonians 2:3
Many will defect from the faith for many different reasons.
V4: The beast opposes anything that is called God or that is worshipped. He
isn’t opposed to worship. He just doesn’t want anyone else to be worshipped.
Whatever happens… Don’t be deceived by anything… Because until you see
these 2 things happen, the rapture will not happen.
The signing of the peace treaty is the sign we are looking for. Right after that
1 Thess 4:16-17
The dead Christians will rise first, then we will join them.
Not every Christian will die. (1 Cor 15: 51-52)
That’s the timeline for you and I hope you understood that.
Yesterday, I was explaining to you what’s happening in our world and WHY it
is happening.
When the founding fathers of the United states made their way their to Start a
new life with a hope of getting away from the monarchies of Europe. What
they expected was a great life, but they were not alone. It was a mixed
Those who had a mind to serve God…and those who wanted to ensure they
remained under the powers they were escaping from.
Sometimes there are those who don’t understand these things and they think
it is conspiracy theorizing.
The issue is not the conspiracy… Its is whether we are discussing a theory or
When doing research, Source of information is Important…especially
nowadays when they are polluting information..and you can’t stop them
became it’s theirs… Its private property.
That’s why Gods people need to wake up and realize that sources of
information are being polluted. .its not how things used to be.
Lots of things have happened. Materials researched years ago have
information added to them. Some are updated without letting the readers
know…because they don’t want you to know the truth.
In the old version of Encyclopedia Britannica, they had some mind blowing
information… But in the new versions its not there. .From 1992, a lot of
information was removed. You’d have to go to older ones to see some of this
They’ve been planning this thing for a long time.
(Article from a Freemason Top leader 32nd degree: Secret teachings of all
ages. American seal has masonic symbols. The american eagle is not an eagle,
but a Phoenix… A symbol of regeneration and power. Sometimes with one
head or 2 heads. He tells us that its a subterfuge and people are deceived. )
(Screen play of the reverse side of the One dollar bill. And the American seal. It
shows the Pyramid of Giza with 72 blocks, 13 rows of blocks, 13 stars, 13
leaves… It refers to the original 13 Masons.. Not the first 13 States/colonies as
assumed. In the mouth if the Phoenix is written ‘out of many, One”. The
Pyramid is Uncompleted.
Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers, detested the Eagle and as such
would have never allowed an Eagle to be a symbol of the country.
Those initiated few received funds from Europe, because the United states
was established for a purpose known only by them.
The Christians were dedicating the country fro a different purpose. The
masons were dedicating for the purpose of finishing the pyramid… Which can
only be completed under the all seeing eye of Lucifer.
When you see the eye in a triangle, it is the eye of Lucifer. It is a Masonic
symbol. (God has two eyes).
They despise Atheism. That makes you understand the war that Europe has
with places like Russia who don’t believe in God..and China…because they
have a purpose.
The United states were set up for this. But who aided it? Europe.
They don’t have respect for Atheists and they see them and those who have
faith in nothing as the same.
Albert Pike, the sovereign pontiff (many groups. Fraternities and societies
respected Pike) had a vision of how to achieve this
First Latin word means ‘a nod has been given for our purpose’ (a divinity has
Second Latin word under: new order (a hedonistic, secular order )
Albert Pike had a vision of how to bring about the new world order … Which is
the completion of this pyramid with Satan as head of the world.
So everyone who joins his group must fight for this cause whether they know
it or not.
When you have to join a society where you have to make certain oaths, swear
certain things…just because your friends are there…. YOU ARE IN THE WRONG
Christ makes men free. He never brings men into bondage.
Albert wrote his vision to a friend in the same business. He said there would
be 3 world wars that would bring about the world order.
(The world wars were planned and organized. They were part of a grand
There is supposed to be third world war.
The first one was to destroy the Czars of Russia… It accomplished that.
The second was to do something to Germany. It accomplished it.
(Reading of the plan for the execution of the 3rd world war on the basis of
religious differences and wearing people out… Unleashing atheists to show the
horror of absolute godlessness).
They will use the media. Using atheists as front men not knowing that those
paying them HATE THEM. E.g. those carrying our Black Lives matter protests
who don’t know that those funding them hate them.
They will provoke this hatred against these minorities who will then be seen
as destroyers as civilization.
He expects that Christians will become without compass and isolated;
pressured on every side by government and atheists. He expects that their
disillusionment will make them focus on adoring another deity (Satan).
The third world war is targeted at ending Christianity and Atheism.
(Picture of eye of the triangle and the goat of Mendez… With 2 horns and the
head of a goat)
Revelations 13:1
One of the reasons they crashed computers in 2000 for something that could
have been easily fixed, .. (People were so afraid about the society being at a
standstill that they rushed to become ‘Y2K compliant’… Sounds like ‘Covid 19
complaint’ too)
The ultimate plan of Y2K was to get all computer systems synchronized. Its all
part of the one world system that they were heading for all the time.
This also falls in line with Albert Pikes dream of a one world government
under Lucifer.
They want to bring in a Luciferian government.
Rev 13:1-
V2: Satan gave the Antichrist his power and seat and authority
World powers are realigning themselves. Europe in particular is
restrategizing. They are waiting for the downfall of America… That’s why they
don’t want the guy running right now. .(Obama visited Europe to show his
loyalty just before his election)
V2: the dragon gave him his seat and authority JUST LIKE THE FATHER GAVE
Satan will deceive people to think he is God. But he is a created being.
V3-4: They will worship the beast ..just like we worship the Father and the
I told you all the technology around the world is nice and good. If there is
problem, they should just fix it…but they would rather go with those planting
towers in the street to cause death.
V5-6: this Antichrist is very blasphemous.
But he cannot come until the 7 years. And even when he shows up he cannot
control the world until the second half the 7 years.
That’s why all they are doing now is a hoax. If you resist them, they will flee.
Its not their time.
The Antichrist will be able to do much more at that time because the
restraining force has been removed.
Christians that speak in tongues are a danger to Satan and his groups.
The Antichrist will still be blaspheming us even after we go to heaven
V7: He will make war with the Jews, the Christians who are left behind And
those who will believe in Jesus at that time.
V8-9: These are Unnatural men who were never written in the book of life.
(Natural, spiritual and Unnatural men…3 types of men)
Unnatural men didn’t come into this world by the seed and egg of human
(There are a lot of such people already. Its no longer science fiction).
V11… A lamb is either a ram or a goat. In this case, its surely a goat because
only those on the side of God are referred to as Sheep.
When they are young, They look and play alike..but as they grow, the
differences s become clear. (See picture on screen… The 2 horns, the goat of
Mendez, seeing eye of Lucifer. Bafflement by name).
V11-12: This is the head of the One world Church.
When we talk, we talk like Jesus…but when they hear this one, he will talk like
V12- Jesus said ‘as my father send me, so send I you’. We demonstrate and
exercise Jesus’ authority and cause people to worship God…. JUST like this one
will also exercise the devils authority and cause people to worship the beast..
V15: Those who would not worship the image of the beast would be killed.
The Image would be everywhere in animated form.
In. China, they currently remove the image of the Cross or Jesus with the
image of their President.
What we are facing is a race towards the one world religion.
V16: it has become very clear that they plan to use vaccines. We are not
speculating. The documents are there.
With that Vaccine will come ability to do financial transactions. And without
reading the bible, they said it will be on the forehead or right hand. Its
amazing that such things are happening now!! They are not even hiding it.
The word translated “mark’ means ” an incision’ or an implant. Not a
Without that implant, people would be completely cut off from the economic
system of the world. No Job, can’t make payments, can’t accept payment.
What kind of life would that be?
They found a way to do it: THROUGH VACCINES.
They will so paralyze the system that having something of your own will be so
Look at the socialist states. Do you think they are doing these things by
When the leaders are overpowered, they will do things they never planned to
A man strangled his own son because he felt a power making him do it. .
A 16 year old killed his parents recently. An evil spirit entered him and he
didn’t know why he did it
Judas had an evil spirit enter him. He walked away from the disciples and
betrayed Jesus. When he saw what had happened, He cried and killed himself.
It was Satan that caused him to betray Jesus.
The Australian PM cannot tender how he came about his decision to lock
down one of the cities. No document to tender. Some don’t know what is
driving them.
V18; we have to COMPUTE the number of the beast. When you calculate it, it
will come to 666… Its not just a number you see.
Rev 14: 9&10- This is a warning.
The highly concentrated mixture of the wrath of God will be poured on those
who take the mark of the beast.
What they are doing right now is just a rehearsal. Satan is going ahead if
peradventure we will let him.
If we don’t resist him, he will take advantage.
That’s why we rebuke him in the name of Jesus.
Right now, rebuke the devil over our cities and nations.
Pray for the nations of the world.
Cast out those forces out of your schools, states, countries.
These evils are perpetrated by devils but we have authority in the name of
Bind them in the name of Jesus and cast them out!
Cut off their influence from the governments and the nations in Jesus name.
And the unjust laws and decrees made in different nations, reverse them in
the name of Jesus by the power of the holy ghost.
We have power in the name of Jesus.
Call to Salvation
Global Day Of Prayer: September 25th into 26th.
We have to keep praying.
We are not done yet.
Look forward to the program and get others to Join.
Do an outreach and get families and friends to join.
Many leaders don’t know what they are doing. They were instructed by the
deep state on what to do.
Most people never knew of these things until Jesus put the light on.
See how dark Albert Pikes mind was to say that Adonai, the God of The
Christians is evil, and that Lucifer is good because his name means Light
How wrong he was.
So prayer is important.
It is our month of wisdom
Wisdom is guiding and leading us.
How can we lose of fail when wisdom is guiding us.
It’s impossible!!!!

Your LoveWorld Specials. Season 2, Phase 5, Day 3

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