true prophet

Opening prayer session led by the esteemed Pastor Emeka Eze

Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome

Christ is coming
The king of glory.
No more sorrow.
No more weeping.
Tell the story
Among the nations
Christ is coming
By and By

No matter where you are today
I want you to know he’s coming soon.
There are those who believe it and are waiting…there are others who don’t believe it and so are not waiting for him.
But he is coming.

We must live our lives as those who are expecting him.
Its almost 2000 years since he’s been gone. And to think that the words of the prophets about his coming are all being fulfilled before our eyes. Its extraordinary.

Today we heard that one more of those Arab countries is signing a treaty with Israel. Bahrain!!!

Except for those of us who believe the bible, these are unbelievable things.. But its happening. And its making some people mad. They are troubled. Not because they didn’t want it but because of what they planned in its place.

When you really know Jesus, your worship and praise has meaning.
Sometimes people sing a song because it’s melodious.
But God knows the heart. He knows you are jot singing it because of the meaning but because if whatever emotions it gets to stir within you

But with the Knowledge of the word of God, Your praise and worship is different as your prayer is different.
Its based on a relationship.
Remember, most people pray in all religions.
But who are they talking to? What are they saying to him? What might be his response?
This makes Jesus so different.

Yesterday, I was showing you the American dollar bill and we looked at the seal..
I want us to look at that seal again.
And remember I mentioned to you this unfinished pyramid on which the United states was founded as far as the Freemasons were concerned.

The Dollar bill:
“Saeculi Saeculorum”: age of the ages.
Secular: Relating to doctrine that rejects religion and its considerations. ; devoted to the temporal world.

The short writing is seclorum which you have on the dollar bill… Which would mean “New order of the ages”

Meanwhile God has his own order for the ages.

Ephesians 3:20-21
Glory Goes to God Almighty by Christ Jesus Through the Church…not through a mix of religions. But the Church of Jesus Christ which is his body!!!

The church is not a conglomeration of religious groups. You become a member by being baptized into Christ after believing in him and confessing him as Lord.
Being a member of that body…there is where the glory of God goes up to God.
Throughout all ages.: from generation to generation.
From age to age. (Saecolurum).

But the vision of Albert Pike and the Freemasons (and other groups like the illuminati) is the enthronement of the devil.

(The. church is more than a gathering. Be careful what you call a church)

I also gave you quotes from Mandy Hall. I gave you THEIR OWN WORDS.

We are that period that the Bible tells us.
Imagine…2000 years so long…and we are coming to the climax.
So. They are in a hurry and they understand what this is about in terms of life on earth.

One of their key plans is the destruction of nation states. I read to you from Albert Pikes vision of the world war and the plan yo destroy nation states.
That’s already in the works.

This Covid 19 provided for the globalists their best opportunity yet, to bring in the one world government. They literally crushed nation states to their own surprise. They were shocked at the full compliance of people all over the world. It showed them the power of fear which they have learnt to use for a long time. They’ve trained in it and built castles in it.

The next thing we knew, we had just a couple of men talking to the whole world about their idea on what to do.
It doesn’t really matter if someone is telling people what to do . but what matters is what’s in their mind. The content of their speeches.

Today is September 11. A commemoration of the downing of the twin towers in the USA. Good planes were weaponized by wicked and evil men.

The question is not how good a thing is WHO IS GOING TO USE IT.

That’s why the danger of creating vaccines for the world… We have to sound the alarm. What we are seeing is the weaponization of vaccines for sure.
The bible tells us what’s going to happen anyway.

I read to you from Revelation 13 yesterday…and I told you about the control.

Let me show you something from the MIT and how they intend storing information with vaccines.

(MIT article scrolls on screen about a dye delivered to the skin at the same time as the vaccine which will store information on each patient of their vaccine history. The new dye contains quantum dots which can last for 5 years).

I showed you several weeks ago about a technology with which they can send you information without you doing anything about it. A microchip through which an individual can be controlled and can be found no matter where they go.

This group has several partnering groups.
Accenture, Gavi, Rockefeller foundation, Microsoft, etc.
Certain individuals are neck deep in all these groups.
Gavi is the one for vaccines. .they are coming like “the world needs help and we are here to help”.
Ideologies, visions and purpose matter.

Accenture: I told you about Food control.
Accenture is “enabling traceability in the food industry” by use of block chain.
They are proffering that food everywhere will be monitored! Full regulation of Food!!
Remember what we said yesterday… Without the mark, you cannot buy, you cannot sell.
The idea is ‘we want to make sure everybody has enough food’.
Nice idea. But who is powerful enough to be the regulator of food in a world where we have more than enough food???

Already there is regulation of food in several countries.
The GMO seeds… There are some that you cannot plant; some grades have seeds that can only reproduce only once; some can reproduce only 5 times.

This is already going on!!!

Think of the fact that wherever you live, you would have regulations on how many fishes to fish!

And the masses of the people will LOVE IT. they would think its going to help them but its not going to help them.

(Video clip of Loveworld sat interview with Author of “Inside Trumps white house”, Doug wead. he says the name of the game has always been MONOPOLY over seeds, resources, products. Big monopolies have enough money to make regulations to drive little mom and pop shops out of business. Donald trump started cutting regulations from everyone. The deep state is a phenomena of government everywhere. Its tied to the monopolists. With Covid19 they shut down all the small businesses. While big ones had enough to go on. The monopolists give money to lobbyists in Washington who give senators etc… To pass such laws. When the economy is going good, the deep state elects a president who will push regulations preventing corporations from opening. When things get bad, they manipulate the government into signing a stimulus regulation exempting them from such)

During Covid, big companies boomed. All small businesses were destroyed.

This is why the deep state hate Trump because he destroyed the regulations which the big companies were using.

Make your own research. (Don’t rely only on Google)

Look for Rockefeller foundation and their 4 scenarios of the future.
This document was produced 2012.

  1. Lock step: to be achieve through the pandemic and how the world would be paralyzed by it.
  2. HACK ATTACK: The world becomes unstable through riots and fights and crime… (Like it happened in some states in the USA).
  3. Smart scramble: Countries and businesses trying to be on their own
  4. CLEVER TOGETHER: This is their solution.

When you read it, just add 8 years on all sides.
They were precise on the timing.
How did they know what China would do?
This whole thing was planned.

Their ‘Clever Together’ is the realization of Albert Pikes dream. Where all the world comes together and nation states are destroyed. They would be controlled by regional organizations in Industry and politics. E.g. the EU, African Union… Taking charge. Your country would be no more. They don’t line the idea of nationalism.

At the end of the ‘clever together’.. They raised a point… That there was a problem with too much growth and prosperity.
That problem would be solved by Eugenics.
The elimination of ‘bad born’, not good enough, the burdens of society, the ones that the society has to do too much for.

One of the best targets would be Christians… But by the time they are doing all of that, WE ARE NOT HERE. they don’t know that.

Why aren’t they moving right into it???

2 Thess 2:1
The gathering together unto him is the Rapture of the Church
V2: The day of Christ is the day of the Lord.

1 Thess 5:1-2. The day of the Lord …
V3: When THEY shall say Peace and Safety… Not YOU.
V4-5: That day will not overtake us as a thief because we are not in darkness.

Zephaniah 1:14-16
The day of the Lord is a day of wrath, trouble and distress….

Isaiah 13:6-13.
So where are we on such an occasion?
Are they being destroyed selectively?

Matthew 24:29-30
Remember, The tribulation comes within the 7 years in the timeline.

2 Thess 2: 2-5
The man of Sin will be revealed. But he has a definite time and a definite period for him to function.
V6- the Antichrist can’t show up. Satan can’t make it happen.
The Antichrist isn’t a man born with extraordinary power. He would be just like everyone else.
Its got nothing to do with his personality. .
The issue is Revelation 13:1-2. The dragon would give him his power.
Satan is looking for someone. Had Satan not been restrained, he would already have given that power to someone.
That’s why the Antichrist cannot show up now. The power that is given to him is limited.. Until the restrainer (the church) is removed.

That’s why Jesus gave us power to tread over serpents and scorpions and over ALL THE POWER/ABILITY OF THE ENEMY and nothing shall by any means hurt us.
Oh Hallelujah!!!

This shows us who is restraining the enemy.

Luke 10:19
1st Power= Exousia/ Authority
2nd Power= Dunamis/Ability.

We have authority in the name of Jesus. That’s why Satan can’t take over the world like he wants to.

2Thess 2:7
Evil is already going on, but the church is restraining.
(The Holy spirit will still be here after the rapture, helping people to get born again. It’s the church that will be taken out of the way)
V8: After the rapture, the Antichrist is revealed.
The beast would be captured and cast alive into the lake of fire.
V9- 10 (amp): Deception will be the hallmark of the Antichrist’s reign.
You have to welcome Gods truth.
Most of these guys don’t know they are being moved by Satan.
Judas Iscariot was moved by greed. He loved money.
Some countries leaders have signed out deals selling out their country for money.
There are enough countries for us to learn from that these things have happened.
People will believe a lie and they will be so desperate for help that any promise from anybody would seem to be Okay.
They will be so bombarded with information from TV, media everywhere… Seduction to evil. This is the Antichrist spirit in motion.
The same devil who will do this in the last hours is already in operation, its just the church holding him back… as we pray, speak in tongues, worship the father… Things are coming out of us. Until the rapture.

The world would continue and they will give all kinds of explanations about how we mysteriously disappeared. But for those who knew the truth, the rapture would be a sign for them because they wouldn’t want to miss Flight 2.

V11-12: there are such things as misleading influences. How terrible to have that in your life. It can come in a book, magazine, computer screen, a relative…because you rejected the voice of truth.

So how do we prepare ourselves?
1 Thess 5:5-9
1 Peter 4:1- 3 (Amp). its better to suffer than fail to please God.
They may insult you and calk you names but its better to suffer for doing the right thing and please the lord.
Distinguish yourself for the Lord. Don’t be ashamed that they may call you names. Stand up for the Lord.
They may ostracize you but God won’t forsake you.

Luke 21:33-36
The word shows us that these things will be fulfilled.
His word is sure.
We are seeing the prophetic manifesting before our eyes.
How will you escape if you neglect this salvation???

We have to count ourselves blessed that we see the manifestation of his word. What others prophesied, we are living in.
Some were thought to be false prophets because it didn’t happen in 10/20 years in their time.
But Daniel knew it would happen at the end…and now we are seeing it right before our eyes.

Had he said 3000 Years, we would know we had more time to go.
But we don’t.
The Rapture itself does not have a sign. It can happen any time

We are somewhere close to the 7 years of tribulation on the timeline. Study it yourself.

If we take an average from 30AD, it would mean the 7 years would start 2030. So it means we have 7 years either after or within. If it is after, its 17 years before he shows up.
If it is inside, we have 3 years before he shows up.
If it is across. We have 6 years.

Which means, if the rapture doesn’t happen in 3 years, it might be 6 Years…but it cannot exceed 10 years.

I gave you evidence from the teachings and prophecies for you to understand the 2000 years and the ‘2 days’.
From the word, you have more than enough evidence On how short the time is to do all we have to do.

This explains why these guys (Gavi and MIT) have said 2030 is the year when EVERYONE must be vaccinated and chipped.

The things they want to do between now and then, we have to insist that they don’t happen.

We must exercise our authority in Christ. That’s why from the 25th to 26th, we will have our global prayer day.
Several ministers around the world and Pastor Benny Hinn will be leading us in prayer.
Its so much needed in our world today

If you have not been born again, you can’t wait much longer. This is the time. Make that decision now. Or you are Christian who has received salvation, but has been living your own life, make that commitment today.

Salvation Call.

We are still praying for at least 15 minutes everyday with the global prayer network.

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