I love you Lord and I lift my voice
To worship you.
Oh my soul, rejoice
Take Joy my king
In what you hear
Let it be a sweet sweet sound
In your ear.

Song 2:
There is a redeemer
Jesus, Gods own son
Precious Lamb of God Messiah
Oh Holy One

Thank you Oh my Father
For giving us your son
and leaving your spirit
Till your work on earth is done.

Praise the Lord, Hallelujah
I’d like to welcome you to today’s program
Its going to be wonderful.
We will go on till Friday and everyday something very special will happen in your spirit.
The Lord has designed our times and seasons.

We are not here by ourselves. We do not live unto ourselves but unto Him, Jesus Christ, For his glory.
And when you live like that, how could you fail? Its impossible.
We will never be defeated. Its impossible.

That’s why I like that song:
Greater is he that is in me x3
Than he that is in the world.

The greater one lives in me.

He told us in the word.
1 John 4:3. He was so clear.
The Antichrist spirit and the way he functions; the wicked things that he does.
And so he told us in verse 4, Ye are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

Nothing to fear!
You were born of the word. You are the offspring of the word of God. The word cannot be defeated.
The only Christian that can be defeated is the one that is not living in the word. .to live in the word is to live the word. Your life becomes the word in manifestation. You are like Jesus.
He was the word in flesh.
Today, you are the word in flesh. You are born of the word. That’s why he calls us doers of the word, not just hearers.
So, as we live our lives, the word is manifested.

Lots of beautiful things but because this is the first day of this phase, I’m going to try to begin slowly so I can get everybody on the same page, and then we take off.

As a child of God,you must cultivate a love/passion for Gods word. .
David said ‘I priced the word above my necessary food’.
Get voracious for the word.
Consume it. Eat it. You will be amazed at what the word will do for you, in you and through you.
And your life will keep going from glory to glory
That’s Gods plan.

Jesus didn’t come to set up a religion. He came to raise sons of God.
Question is: Did he achieve his goal? Did it work? Did he win? Or is he still at it?

Well, the Bible tells us, He ascended to heaven and is seated at the right hand of God: the seat of authority.
He is not working.
That means he accomplished his purpose. And we are the fruits of his work; the result of his love.
If you know that, everyday will be a day of Joy for you; of winning.
Every blessed day!!
You just wake up into a day knowing you only win because you are the result of his work, compassion and love
Everything he did was about YOU.
it was all for you.
Now he has done it and I’m proof of it

Your responsibility is to prove God’s word in your life Joyfully.
Don’t say ‘oh God prove your word in my life’ NO!
You are the proof! You are the result! The fruit of it.
We are the fruits of redemption

A lot of Christians are living their lives as though they are trying to get God to fulfil his work or his will. That’s what they know. They’ve never really studied the scriptures. They are trying to be and get what they already have and are. That can’t work.
When you know the truth, you live it.
This is reality, not religion…and that’s what makes it so powerful and glorious.
So everyday is a day of Joy and victory.
Glory to God.

Don’t just sing “down in my heart, there is the nature of the Father, there is the spirit of the Lord, the Love of God is daily shed abroad and in his name I’ll do what he’s called me to do…”. Live with that consciousness. What a declaration of faith!!!
We are praise the Lord with Understanding.

I was 15 years old when I sang that song with understanding knowing that in his name I would do what he called me to do. Nothing in the world could stop it and I was designed by God to be absolutely victorious all the time

Understand that. You are a child of God. You are born again. Born with the spirit of God.
The world is ours.

For a long time, many Christians didn’t know what their calling was. They were thinking of offices. There is a difference between a calling and an office.
Gods calling on your life is for a purpose. To be and to do.
Discover your purpose AND FULFILL IT. that’s the greatest thing in life.

The Lord told me the most important thing for men to do is to discover their purpose and fulfil it. .many live and die without ever discovering their purpose.

Why were you born to this world? Why are you here?
Your life really begins when you discover your purpose and chart your course in the direction of that purpose to fulfil it, otherwise you live an empty life.

If you don’t discover it. How are you going to fulfil it.
Don’t get into the arena of unbelief.
Stay in the spirit now
Don’t be wandering.

Once you have the Holy ghost, the first thing he does is to help you know the Father’s will.
(Remember Paul and Ananias)
Don’t ask ‘how am I going to know’? The Holy spirit was sent to help you discover his will.

He helps you discover what you need to fulfil the will of God. He puts in your mouth words constructed by him.

This year 2020, is a year of perfection. God says he would align us into his perfect will for Us. We are set for glory, not reproach.
Thanks be unto God. Hallelujah!

During the other phase, we talked about many things. I showed you in Isaiah 14:12 that Satan is the one weakening nations. God identified him right there and laid the charge.
( another word for it is: Prostrate, discomfit, waste away, disable nations)
How many countries has this happened to? And they didn’t know what was behind it.

I’m letting you know your role and what you can do! Hallelujah!
For Long, we thought God had to do it.
We used to pray ‘God five us peace and give us this and that”.
God doesn’t wand dummies. He won’t sponsor flops. He wants you to take his word, stand tall and March on from victory to victory, faith to faith, grace to grace, glory to glory.

When you are born again, He starts you out with faith. He starts you out with grace. And it keeps getting better.
As God promotes you with more responsibility, he gives you more grace.
He give you more glory. Your path is as a shining light shining brighter and brighter unto a perfect day
What a life he’s given us!

Knowing who is responsible for disabling and overthrowing nations…what are you going to do about it?
He wants us to know.

The world is full of the goodness of God but most people see pain, chaos, poverty, sickness.
When we talk about this amazing life in Christ, people ask ‘is it real?’. There seems to be a disconnect between what we say and what they see everyday

Number one thing to do is listen to the word. Open your heart to the word. Receive it into you and endorse it, or else it cannot produce result.
The word of God is Gods sees which must be planted in your heart.

Where do you overcome? Here on earth. Not in heaven

I’m excited about what is happening in the world because it is an OPPORTUNITY TO PUT TO WORK ALL THAT WE HAVE LEARNT.

1 Tim 1:18
Lead a military expedition. To fight. But not talking about the one fighting, but the one that’s leading soldiers to battle.

He already told us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

How do we engage them?

In the earth he expects us to give instructions

When we pray in the Holy Ghost, angels begin to use the instructions that are coming out from our spirit.

Hebrews 1:13-14
He is talking about the angels doing something FOR US..BY US!!! That’s what it means.
The angels are there, standing at attention, in their full armor, waiting for the word of the spirit that comes from us. They never listen to the flesh. They don’t listen to instructions that come from the flesh. They know the Holy ghost lives in you and everything he says is perfect.
The father through the Holy ghost puts those words in your spirit.
1 Cor 13:1.
We speak in tongues of angels.
When we speak in unknown tongues, human beings don’t know What we are talking about. We speak in those tongues and Gods strategies are unveiled.
This is how we take our cities and our nations.

And its happening already.
These are the last days. A quick work is the Lord doing. Things are happening real fast.
We will never again leave our cities for the devil.
No, Never!

Many Christians even thought things were naturally played out. But God is not an author of confusion.

Someone said the protests were organic.
What is Organic? Who is giving the orders? If God is not the one giving the orders, count me out of there?
I don’t want to find myself doing what the devil said to do. After all that Jesus did? No! A thousand times No!

We don’t have any position. We don’t have an argument or a say If we don’t do what he asked us to do and we claim that somehow, what he expected of us didn’t happen.
We have no claim until we do God says we should do, then we can expect a result.
He told us what to do in every situation. Your own is to find out what he want us to do.

E.g. we all don’t like the wearing of Masks because it is dehumanizing. It is not scientific. There is amole proof that it made no difference. So why do they insist you wear it? Simple: its the power of control. A symbol of their power.
What about the test? It is the biggest fraud in the world. All serious scientists have said it is useless, but the politicians are not listening because they would rather use it for control.
Who is making thus happen? The devil of course.
Many countries that were having financial problems are now worse off. Its all a fraud. I’ve shown you several of these things before.
So, why are they going on with it? The only ones that can stop it is US.

I’m showing you from the word how to stop it from the spirit; To understand how these things work

All the things I told you they would do, you saw them happen. These are satanic activities.

Most of the most advanced scientists in Israel have said the lockdown is unnecessary.
But some counties are going into a second lockdown.
It is weak governments that are pushing for these things because they are afraid of protests. Or they are socialists who love control and want to have emergency administrations

The way to stop it is to use what we have in the spirit.
We have the kind of weapons that are designed to destroy these things.

2 Cor 10: 3-5
Though we walk in the human body, We do not war after the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but Mighty through God to pull down fortresses. We can literally destroy their fortresses with which they assume they are protecting themselves.
We cast down reasonings, computations, decisions, Judgements. These figures they have used to make people afraid all over the world.
We can cut them down with these weapons of the spirit.

When praying, call these things by name and cast them down. Destroy the numbers that have been fraudulently put together.

(They said Hospitals would be overrun, but it was a lie. Hospitals were empty).

V5: we can arrest every thought, device, mental perception, evil purpose. We can arrest those satanic devices, their plans and schemes.
We arrest them and bring them to nothing.
We bring them into captivity.

Demons are afraid of Christians that speak in tongues.
When we speak in tongues the strategies are given to us
We give directions and Angels swarm into place
We put things in control by the Holy Ghost.
Blessed be God!!

We are not victims. We are victors.
He has put his word in our mouths.
Speak! We can’t lose.
We must use what we have
We don’t do this once in a while.
We keep the devil where he belongs. Under our feet.

We are winning.
The world didn’t want things to be the way they are now.
But we want it better. They think we are stopping, but NO.

R.W Shambach’s first experience casting out devils: they wanted to wear him out but he said ‘We don’t wear out devil!’

We are the glory if the Father.
Did you know that he has made you the effulgence of his glory?
As Jesus is, so are we in this world.
He is the icon of the Father’s person.
1 John 4:17
When are you going to live your life like you are like him? Are you waiting till we get to Heaven?
You are like him TODAY.

NO. We are not children of the mind. We are children of the spirit and the word.

Someone asked a question about the coming of the Lord and I was giving some explanation on dates, etc.
They wanted to know if I was using the Gregorian Calendar or the Jewish Calendar.
We will study this this week.


Genesis 15:13-
Remember when God had this covenant with Abraham.

When you study the scriptures. Study what it says and what it didn’t say.

V16: God just said something that interprets verse 13./

Two important things to note.

  1. The chronological length of a generation. This is the only place in the bible where it is described. Every other thing is guesswork
  2. They would not be exactly 400 years in bondage.
    In the fourth generation means AFTER 300 YEARS. He didn’t say “after the fourth generation”. So, after 300 years, they had to go.

(See chart on Screen. Remember what was taught in previous season)
In year 2107, God spoke to Abraham.
When Abraham was 100 years old, Isaac was born.
Isaac was 60 years old when Jacob and Esau were born.
Abraham died at 175 years.
Joseph was born and sold into Egypt at 17.
At Age 30, He stood before Pharaoh- Year 2289.
Jacob arrives Egypt at 130 years old. 2298 from Adam.
Moses was 80 when he returned to Egypt from the Backside of the desert. Thus, the Exodus is Year 2537
From the calculation deductions, we see that they spent 261 years in Egypt. That was the first year right after the end of 300 years.

You can see how accurate the scriptures are.
I was stunned.

The fourth generation means maximum 300 years and then after that the fourth Generation starts.

Someone asked about the difference between the biological and chronological generation.

Exodus 12:40-41
Notice. It says their sojourning was 430 years… But we know it definitely was not 430 years.
This is not a contradiction in the bible. Study it well. It doesn’t need extra biblical information to prove it.

What in the world is he referring to here then?
Why do we think they definitely didn’t spend 430 years in Egypt?

1 Chronicles 6:1
Here is where the Biological generation was gotten from.
Levi was the son of Jacob. Jacob was the son of Isaac. Isaac was the son of Abraham.
And it was Abraham that God spoke to and said ‘Your seed’. So where does that seed start from?
Why start from Levi… And skip Isaac and Jacob to Start counting your fourth generation?
They started counting from Levi and that made Moses the 4th Generation.
But Jacob was Abraham’s seed.

Joseph was the first to move into Egypt
Others came because of Joseph
From Joseph until the exodus isn’t up to 400 years. Its 261.

So what is that verse talking about?
It is obvious that the scriptures didn’t intend to tell us that they were all in Egypt for 430 years.

The problem was in the translation.

Let’s go the SEPTUAGINT (Brenton’s English Septuagint).
Exodus 12:40.
And the sorjouring of the children of is real which they sojourned in the land of Egypt AND IN THE LAND OF CANAAN was 430 years.

Let’s now move to the issue of the Jewish/Hebrew Calendar.

The Jewish Calendar dates from a SUPPOSED date of creation which is 3761 BCE (before the common era)
(The people who are confused are trying to deceive the whole world. That’s why they don’t want to use AD and BC in reference of our Lord Christ)

Their information comes from Babylonian documents and excavations that’s why I don’t agree with it.

5780AM/5781AM (Anno- Mundi/year of the world) is 2020 in the Gregorian Calendar
They Start from September last year.

The Jewish Calendar follows the solar system.

Here are some of the difficulties.
There are 12 months of 29 or 30 days for equal number of months.
How do they know which one should be 29 or 30?..

To make up for the Loss of 11 days arising by the shortage of the sum of 12 months on Lunar years, they add 1 day every 4 years to catch. And 1 month every 2 to 3 years and 7 times in a 19 year cycle.
They add a leap month, while we add a leap day.
Every centennial year, there is no leap year.

Comparing the Gregorian and Jewish Calendar in Calculation.

Gregorian Calendar has 365 days in a year and 366 days in a leap year.
The Hebrew Calendar has 353, 354 or 355 years depending on the type of year.

The church has 2000 years.
The Hebrew Calendar is longer and has more days using their 355 days.

(See calculations chart on screen)

In the book of Numbers, God connected the Months with the sacrifices. Because all of the months were not the same.

The Difference between the two calendars is very little; about an extra 4.5 years.
When you find the median of the differences, you have a difference of just about 1 year plus.

A year is not a decision of government. These are astronomical things. Scientific things. The sun, moon, revolving of the earth, positions of stars. They are all for times and seasons of the earth… So don’t assume that they will be such great difference.

So to show how much time we have left, I will show you that tomorrow.

This just helps us position ourselves because the Lord is coming soon. Even at the doors.
So get yourself ready.
Let your heart be full of Joy in serving Christ.
Use what the Holy ghost is showing you. Pray for your city and the nations of the world. We are in office. We exercise dominion in the name of Jesus Christ.

Remember what he showed us in Ephesians 1:20-21 (MSG translation)
Jesus is in charge of running the universe. Everything from Galaxies to Governments.
That’s how powerful his name is.
He can only do it through us.
So if we are not running things, Jesus isn’t running things.

God got rid of the Egyptians empire, Babylon, Greece, Rome. He told us of another one to come …in the time of the Antichrist and gave a space of 2000 years.
And he didn’t institute any government there.
He put us in charge.

The Bible doesn’t exaggerate.
Gods word is absolute truth.
He told us whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of Jesus.
Use the name of Jesus right now.
Use it over your family, your city, your country
Use the name of Jesus.
Exercise that authority.
Proclaim his name over your country. Over your city. State.
Proclaim the name of Jesus.
Call the name of the city.
Say Jesus Christ is Lord over this city.
Come against demonic powers that cause poverty, evil and chaos over nations.
Bind them and cast them out of your city, state and country.
They have no option but to obey and they will obey.
Use the name of Jesus.

You have to understand something about spiritual authority. As you grow in the spirit, it increases. Right now as we pray together, we have enormous power. Satan can’t stop it.
All the nations are spread out Here.
Let’s think about India for example.
We have a lot of gospel ministers in India, but its time to cut down the principality that has tried to have authority over India for a long time. It is time to OVERTHROW the spirit of idolatry there.

We are in a new level of understanding and growth.
There are different levels of authority
What’s your understanding of authority.
Have you come to a place of authority?
Secondly, if you are not subject to/respect authority you cannot exercise authority.

When new knowledge comes to you and you have an understanding of authority, you can use it.

That’s why I’m saying something new has to happen in India. Its about time. God’s got much people in India and we can’t just let the devil have his day.

I told you we have a special plan for China. I will let you know. Its a special one.

But right now for India, it is time. Put pressure on Satanic forces.

And you in Australia, it is time to exercise true spiritual authority in Christ Jesus.
We are changing things around the world and Satan has no chance.

(Prayer session)

Never again will we let the devil have any of these nations.
From now on till the Lord comes and we are caught up from here, we will never allow him have them.
The spirit is poured out.
Every one can hear him now.

Remember what I told you about these fraudulent restrictions. In the spirit, cancel them. Cancel them in your country. Cast out the spirits that are responsible for them. Don’t relent. Cast them out.
We are winning!

Remember what I told you about Global day of prayer December 1st and 2nd.
They say they want to go on Sail in Davos. We know how to sail.
Exciting times, my brothers and sisters.
Exciting times!

Salvation call

Your LoveWorld Specials- Season 2, Phase 7, Day 1.
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